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I think I got that.

Did I leave something here?
I'm not sure I put it there intentionally.
I mean, on purpose, like.
Like, I mean, you know.

I knew what I was saying.
What I wanted to say, anyway.

But, did the message get across?

Do you know what I intentionally meant to say on purpose?

Individually, as a person; I have views.
In addition to opinions.
I think about things and form opinions.
I come to certain conclusions about life, reality and the world.
When I think abou things.

But then I look at the world.
I look at things.
I look at people.
I get impressions.

That's how I view IT.

I think I got that.

you look at

and live in the world
on purpose
for purpose?
with purpose?

like reading it
like living it
like dancing it
like spreading light and love