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i thought so

And so,
who am i?

Just me.

An artist, i suppose, maybe.
But. I write poetry for you, too.

If I can't think.
I can't write.

That would really be a shame.
That would be like recalling all the 2005's worldwide.
Pretty bad, no?

As far as poets go.
There have been worse.
I think we're pretty lucky, actually.
To live, to breathe, to eat, to sleep; on Earth.

Oh sure, you know.
The depths.

But there's the heights.
And right now, in my life,
Heaven is in the thinck of things.
Right here.
Right now.

Why blow it?
Day by day.

Right here.
Day by day.

Don't you think God has complete control?
Can't you trust That?

I know I should.
What's wrong?
What's wrong people?