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Reconciling Religious and Spiritual Differences
If fundamentalist religionists -- and/or other biased believers -- would put aside their contentions about which religion and/or belief is the right one, and instead go within and focus on reconciling affinities, they may one day realize that there is only One GOD whose Spirit is in all and through us all. When they awaken to the inner truth that the soul in Jesus – who walked the earth since the beginning of man's advent on earth – has influenced different religions which served as stepping stones to a higher Order, then the understanding will come and with it the reconciling and acceptance of differences. Then and only then, can the true Church manifest on earth in all its glory.
Edgar Cayce on the topic of different religions...
(Q) In the Persian experience as San (or Zend) did Jesus give the basic teachings of what became Zoroastrianism?
(A) In all those periods that the basic principle was the Oneness of the Father, He has walked with men
(Q) Why do I have a leaning more towards Christianity than Judaism?
(A) Hast thou not tried both? Hast thou not found that the ESSENCE, the truth, the REAL truth is ONE? Mercy and justice; peace and harmony. For without Moses and his leader Joshua (that was bodily Jesus) there IS no Christ. CHRIST is not a man...JESUS was the man; Christ the messenger...Christ in all ages, Jesus in one, Joshua in another, Melchizedek in another; THESE be those that led Judaism! These be they that came as that child of promise, as to the children of promise; and the promise is in thee...
(Q) Is the faith of man in Buddha or Mohammed equal in the effect on his soul to the faith in Jesus Christ?
(A) As He gave, he that receiveth a prophet in the NAME of a prophet RECEIVES the prophet's reward, or that ABILITY that that individual spiritual force MAY manifest in the life of that individual. Hence, as each teacher, minister or seer, or prophet, receives that obeisance as is giving the life from that faith and hope as held by that as an individual, in the Christ is found that as the advocate WITH the Father and the spirit of the Father glorified in him that approaches through that manner, without that as is approached in the spiritual activity of any individual; for individuality is last lost, even as man in spirit overcomes death in the material; even as He overcame death in the material, and able to put on immortality in a material world, bringing to man not only of flesh that endowed WITH the ability to be one WITH the Father but magnifying the Father IN the individual yet in the material plane. Hence, as we find, each in their respective spheres are but stepping-stones to that may awaken in the individual the knowledge of the Son in their lives.

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