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Dear Ladies,

I am busy with the translation of no:2561, yet a word within the text has made me a little confused.

My laptop is on the table, one of my two huuuuge cats (HASMET - the boy) is on the table as well. (The other one (girl -MINNOSH) is sleeping on the sofa)

Hasmet is awake and we are thinking together, he is just looking at my face with his bright blue beady eyes.

Yes we are thinking of the word "smallness". The paragraph is as follows:

Do you hesitate to leave smallness behind? Don't want to let go of those little irksome things that consume so much of your attention -- what do you want them for? Why are they precious to you? They must be precious because your go over them again and again in your mind. From smallness, you are certain that someone did not treat you well. They said something that was a slur. They were unkind, thoughtless, biting, perhaps cruel. It was not right. You were not treated as a child of Mine deserves to be treated, for you deserve to be treated only with love.

Here, SMALLNESS: being small, our smallness, feeling unworthy, unimportant ??? OR
SMALLNESS: small things that make us bother, worry, small events and things???? OR

Maybe I am tired etc...I am not clear enough..

What do you think ladies?


God keeps saying that we are

God keeps saying that we are great spiritual Beings and that our true reality is Greatness. Here, smallness is used as opposed to the Greatness we are in reality. So it refers to being small, meaning all the material life, which is smallness compared to the Greatness of God's Kingdom, and hence also the smallness of our thinking.

I hope this helps.

Safe in My arms you're only dreaming. -
Al sicuro tra le Mie braccia state solo sognando.
Love is the Answer.-Amore è la Risposta

This absolutely helps dear

This absolutely helps dear Paula. :thumbup:

I do love your interpretations. :thumbup:

Thank you :thumbup:

Love you :wub:


Rockin Rhonda Dearest

Rockin Rhonda

Dearest Engin.....well...pretty much I think in both aspects you are correct! SMALL is SMALL!
"dont sweat the small stuff....and its all small!"
Stuff? Its all just 'stuff'...our bodies here is just 'stuff',
our perception of ourselves is 'stuff', Beyond Love, its all just a bunch of balony 'stuff''! Need a house cleaning and get rid of the 'stuff"! I write this I also have 3 cats looking at me with big eyes....they still want there toys and 'stuff" we do.....hard to let go of 'stuff', we clean out closets and just rearrange the 'stuff'...take it out look at it...havent seen it in 10 years...yet...we might need this 'stuff' one day....need to hang on to 'stuff', hang on to the perception we are small 'stuff'....its a gradual process to clean out closets...sometimes just gotta close your eyes and, get out trash bags and throw it in the dumpster! Pray the dumpster guy hurries and picks up our stuff...we sooooo tempted to drag it all back in the house...but here comes the dumpster pick up truck....roaring down the street...The logo is getting clearer on the door....ohhhhhhhhh now I can see it clear..
"LOVE"...only the "LOVE'' truck can remove the 'stuff'...
carry it away....we cry alittle to see it go....we yearn sometimes for our precious 'stuff' we hold so dear......
we are sweating and afraid, omy all that 'stuff'...I might need it someday....we almost want to make a mad dash and chase the 'stuff'....nahhhhhhhhh.....get soooo tired of hanging on to that old 'stuff' much work to keep up with the 'stuff' all the small 'stuff' gone.....we actually have room for "LOVE" in our closets, 'stuff' is gone...and we dont even miss it...LOVE takes over, we feel free of chains of 'stuff' that held us down...NOW we can fly.....LOVE has taken over our lifes!
ps...guess I took a talk pill this morn!

Thank you dear

Thank you dear Rhonda,

thanks for the explanation and time yoo have given...


Yes, lhe quality of love to

Yes, lhe quality of love to replace "stuff."

I don't know if you know I'm trying to move out everything from my house, sell or give away depending.

Interestingly, I got a lot of my stuff from a resale store in Iowa City called "Stuff, etc."