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Dear all,

there is a pragraph in the message no:2560 saying:

Whatever you feel that you need, this is what you must give to the one across from you. You feel not listened to? Then you must listen. You feel unappreciated, uncared for, unimportant? Then show appreciation. Care for the other. Think a moment. Would there be argument unless you do really care for the one across from you?

I could not comprehend the last sentence. Or let's say, when I translate it, it seems as if it was contradicting with the whole of the paragraph. :rolleyes:

Is there anybody wants to say stg? Paula? Berit? Veronika?

love you :wub:


This line surprised me, too,

This line surprised me, too, Engin.

This is my understanding of what God is saying here:

We want another person to understand our point of view, if not, understand, then at least listen.
We must want to be important enough to this other person that we want him to listen. We may get into a heated argument. All the while, what we want is this person to hear us.

This other person maybe means something to us, or why would we care so much.

I suppose an example of this would be the mother who is angry at her child for running out in the street. She's upset because she cares about her child.

I remember reading a true account a long time ago. Could have been in the Reader's Digest.

There were two neighbors who were angry with each other, to the point that they did not speak for something like twenty-five years What a pity. But, anyway, whenever one of the men went to his mailbox, he would scowl at the other neighbor's house etc. It seemed like each had the other neighbor on his mind quite a bit.

After so many years, one of the neighbors died. The living neighbor really and truly missed his neighbor, realized that, despite the grudge, they had been some kind of friends.

I think God is saying that when we're angry, we really care about the other person. In any case, if I feel the other person owes me an apology, maybe I am to be the one to say, "I'm sorry," first.

Does that help at all?

Thank you

Thank you Gloria'cigimmmmm...


Sorry for being late dear

Sorry for being late dear Engin, :Criying:

I had full day yesterday and hadn't time for checking the Heavensite ! :(

Love and big hugs to you dear :wub: :Rolleyes:

No problem at all, dear

No problem at all, dear Berit..

It's been such a busy day for me as well. And Gloria has alreday answered immediately.

love you :wub: