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Dear All,

The new web-site design looks magnificiantly. SUPER!!!!!

On the other hand I have some notes about the translation page.

1) In Turkish translations my last postings are lost. 31 translations..
2)When one clicks on the flags, now it is a bit harder to reach the translations. It takes several trials...

That is all....


Dear Engin, Thank you for

Dear Engin,

Thank you for the review! The translations feature of the website has not yet been enabled. We are doing a few more tests on it and expect to have it available within a few days. You will be able to add a translation directly to the English Heavenletter. Thank you for your beautiful Turkish translations. Heavenletters look so amazing in Turkish!


Dear Santhan, I thank you

Dear Santhan,
I thank you very much for your clear explanation. Thank you:)))