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How do I get notifications of new comments etc.

I would love to receive notices of new comments and topics, but haven't been in a while.

Now I don't know where to find the place where I can check them again.

Thanks for your help, Technical Angels.

With love and blessings,


Here goes... 1) Log in 2)

Here goes...

1) Log in
2) Click on My Subscriptions, which will appear under the Navigation menu to your right
You will see a new menu appear on the right called Admin Links.
By clicking on any of the links under the Admin Links menu you will be able to select which categories and content types you would like to receive notices for
3) Don't forget to click Save after selecting!

Improving this sites user-bility is an ongoing process. We have yet to look into this aspect more closely. Please do continue to post any difficulties you are having. Chances are there are other readers who are having a simillar difficulty.

It seems to be working now!

It seems to be working now! Thank you for your conscientious help!