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RSS Feed

What does RSS Feed do? I know it's something very good, but what is it?

Thank you.


RSS stands for Really Simple

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication. This image indicates a feed:

When a site has a RSS feed, other kinds of applications can make use of the sites content. Lets say someone had a blog and they wanted to publish Heavenletters on their site. All they would have to do is add Heaven's RSS feed to their site aggregator which would collect excerpts from Heavenletters for display on their website.

Another use would be for people who prefer feed readers rather than browsing a website. for instance, also has an RSS feed. With a feed reader, one can subscribe to an RSS feed on blogs, websites and web pages of their choice. The feed reader will display only the content of the feed without all the rest of the site.

For those who use the Firefox web browser, which I use and recommend to everyone, they can use Sage which is a free RSS feed reader together with Firefox.
Firefox is free and can be found here..
After installing firefox one can install Sage here...
Below you will see 2 examples of RSS Feeds for the Godwriting Blog and the Daily Heavenletters

Make the web a better place...GET FIREFOX :thumbup:



One Love

Thank you for a beautiful

Thank you for a beautiful response, One Love.

Fortunately, I already have Mozilla Firefox installed.

When I tried to install I received a message that in order to protect my computer, I cannot install.

Not to be stymied, I saw a button that said Edit, which told me to enter web sites, and press Allow. I added my two websites, pressed Allow, but it still didn't work. Maybe I didn't understand what it meant by websites.

As you can see, when it comes to technical things, once again I have run up against a brick wall. Meanwhile, I am grateful for computers, internet, Heavenletters, Heavenreaders, the web site, forum, the blog, you, and all that I am presently able to do!

With blessings and love,


Well you're definitely one

Well you're definitely one of the ultra-coolest 8) non-tech bloggers we know. Usually people who work professionally on the internet know about Firefox. Interesting fact: Almost 22% of visitors to this site use Firefox.

Much admiration Senora Gloria :wub: for for instance, also has an RSS feed.

Good to know. But where can I find the feed?

Much Love and Light


In Firefox or other feed

In Firefox or other feed enabled browsers, a rss feed icon as above will appear in the address bar of any site page that has a feed. Your feed reader will also have a function to search for all feeds on this page.

Yet, all this talk about feeds prompted a quick update to the site ( ) so it's easier for feed readers...look below Gloria's pic on the right for a link and icon to the feed.

One Love