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I lost my previously posted translations. Can you help me,please?

Hi, guys! As I navigated through the new,shiny website (congratulations to all of you, amazing people!) , I almost had a heart-attack because I realized that a dozen of translations in greek that I posted the past 2 weeks were not on the Greek translations topic!

I had posted them on the greek translations topic during the time the site was under reconstruction. The translations topic was open,all seemed to be ok and as I've told you before, I had been posting my translations there almost everyday the past 2 weeks. Please don't tell me that I've lost all these translations...I'm quite terrified now because I haven't saved them in a word file. I hope that a solution will appear.


Not to worry Maria, We have

Not to worry Maria,

We have still have all the data stored from the old forum. The translations can easily be retrieved. By the way, we have a new method for translations coming up shortly. Translators will be able to post their translations in relation to the original English version.


Thank God, you have them,

Thank God, you have them, dear Heaven Admin. The thought of losing quite many hours of effort, made me very sad.

I've already e-mailed our beloved Santhan but due to the time difference, I didn't make it to get into the briefly-enabled old forum and get those translations back. It's like moving in the corridors of time...I hope I get a second chance to dive back into the old forum.

My babies are still back there :) Please, let me know what I can do.


Don't worry Maria, your

Don't worry Maria, your babies are safe. We're taking care of the new translation system and will then show all you amazing souls who translate Heavenletters how to use it.


Thank you, my saviour!...

Thank you, my saviour!... You took so much weight off my shoulders. After last night's restless sleep,tonight I'll sleep like a feather.

I kiss your hands in gratitude,