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New Volunteer: Tagalog translations...

(as per Gloria's instructions...)

Do you have a translator for Tagalog, the official language of the Philippines?

I know from experience there are many Filipinos who pass inspired messages to each other very often.

I also know that there are over 5 million Filipinos working overseas across the world.

And I know that Filipinos have large forward lists to share inspirational messages to each other.

And Finally, I would like to offer the services of my partner, Lea Cabuguas (the mother of my second son, Native Filipina, knows english very well) who has about three hours per day - here in Hong Kong - to devote to translating your message letters to Tagalog.

I can send them out from my gmail acount or something similar, if needed

This we can do to offer volunteer services to you.

Hong Kong
+852-6920-8217 (Lea)

... more from Lea to follow...

Beloved Ted, You and Lea are

Beloved Ted,

You and Lea are a dream come true! God really does answer calls for support through human beings like you and Lea.

Yes, we would love to have Heavenletters translated into Tagalog. Thank you for your kind offer. We eagerly accept. If Lea wants to do this, we want her. We are tremendously delighted!

The greatest requirement is the desire in Lea’s heart. I take it she has agreed, Ted?!!

And thank you both for subscribing to Heavenletters and for appreciating God’s messages and wanting to share them with all those who would welcome receiving God’s words in the official language of The Philippines.

Please know that it is up to Lea which specific Heavenletters she would like to translate, and it is up to her how often. We would want her to be easy with it and not pressure herself.

Thank you for finding the Global Translator Circle and for posting there so quickly. This is where other translators can welcome Lea, where you and Lea can tell more about yourselves, ask questions about translating, tell us more about yourselves, and how Lea feels when she translates Heavenletters.

The tech angels will add Tagalog to the list of languages, and Lea would post her translations on the forum.

In addition to posting, Lea would also send her translations to the email address I gave you, and I would be grateful if you also send them to me.

As soon as the Tech Angels add Tagalog to the subscription list, you and Lea want to sign up for them.

Will you kindly send me a photo? It could be you and Lea as you like. It will go into next Heaven News. Ted, it would be great for it to be posted on the forum as well.

After I hear back from you, I will send you more specific directions for your translations. I think you and Lea have a lot to digest right now!

God does bless you, dear souls. Thank you for coming forward.

With love,


P.S. Will you two be able to bring subscribers to the Tagalong translations?

Dear Gloria, Writing this

Dear Gloria,

Writing this response Sunday Morning here in Hong Kong. Thank you for your prompt response. Glad to know Lea's interest is accepted.

Just read your message now with Lea. She is excited to be a translator for the Heaven Letters. She has gathered some dictionaries and looks forward to beginning the translation efforts.

From what I know, there is a population of nearly 90 million – which includes the 5+ million overseas (Wikipedia shows about 11 million overseas Filipinos). Most of these Overseas Filipinos have internet connection. Along with the huge number of in-country Filipinos who frequent the internet cafes, and we have a considerable audience for the translated letters.

She is choosing now which letters to translate, starting from #2571 and working back-words. We think she can translate 2-3 per week at first, we will see how things go. Intro posting is already done. RPLea-C is her login name.

Working on the photo (getting scanner to work), which I will post on the forum profile. And I will forward all translations to the email address below and to yours also.

Oh, we can also bring subscribers to the tagalog translations. Just let me know how to format the message when sending to them, as I know you have specific suffixes and prefixes to your email messages. Or however you want this to be done.

Peaceful thoughts and passionate feelings,


Hong Kong

Welcome Ted and Lea! I never

Welcome Ted and Lea!

I never heard of Tagalog until you came along. The new forum section for Tagalog has been added. Please post translations in this forum. Here is the link:

The format for the title is: Heaven #1234 Title
The word "Heaven" remains in English, then the original number of the Heavenletter followed by the translated title.

The mailinglist has also got a Tagalog subscription option now:

Is it correct to say Philippino or Filippino?

For the rest of the Heavenreaders here's some interesting information on Tagalog

The Wikipedia link

The word boondock was borrowed from Tagalog.
"Kumusta?" in Tagalog means, "How are you?" and is from the Spanish, "Como estas?"
In Tagalog Tao means person
Mahal kita = I love you
Diyos = God

Due to the Spanish occupation in the Philipines and trade between Mexico and the Philippines between the 16th and 19th centuries many Spanish words were integrated into Tagalog.

Once again welcome. We are grateful to have you both here.

Dear Ted and Lea, welcome to

Dear Ted and Lea,

welcome to the Heavenletters.

See you in the Global Translators Corner. :big

(Turkish Translations)