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Heaven #1799 -conflagration of wits

This morning when I clicked on the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, I got Letter #1799, which was just perfect for me today. Even the title was perfect: What are you truly looking for? So, I decided to translate it, but to my surprise I discovered that the copy I have of #1799 is titled: You Are Eternal Being.

Anyway, there is an expression I don't quite know how to translate:

No matter what you think you are going through, or the world is going through, it is a conflagration of wits. It is not Truth. Truth cannot be false.

Can someone please explain the exact meaning of this expression.

With loving gratitude,


Dearest Paula, to add to the

Dearest Paula, to add to the confusion, I found Heavenletter #1799 entitled What You Really Seek October 8, 2005

There was a time when I misnumbered some Heavenletters and so on. I will make sure Heaven's dear archivist sees your post, and she will know how to sort it out for us.

My connotation of conflagration was war, but when I looked it up, the dictionary says it means fire. In any case, conflagration is a disturbance. I interpret the sentence you quote as meaning:

Trouble, confusion, war, fire are illusion. They are our perception. They are our false perception. Conflagration is not Truth. Truth is love and peace. Our perception of conflagration is a mistake of the intellect.

That's the best I can do with the meaning, dear one.

Translating is not always an easy thing, is it?!!!

Thanks for your question, Cara Paula.

About Paula and Gloria on

About Paula and Gloria on Heavenletter #1799:
Questions about Heavenletter titles can be answered quickly and easily by going to There you will find Heavenletters listed chronologically by both date and issue number, and alphabetically by title. These titles are assigned by Gloria (or occasionally someone she delegates—Santhan, for example). Any other titles are not correct.
The archival (original) copy of #1799 is entitled "You Are Eternal Being". It is the only title for #1799 that appears in the Heaven Archives Web site. When I did a search for #1799 on the main Web site (, I also got "You Are Eternal Being". Where do these other titles for #1799 come from? I have no record of ever having "What are you truly looking for?" as a title for any Heavenletter. In any case, use the title that is published at, which should be the same title published at

I'm still confused!

I'm still confused!

Thankyou, Gloria, your

Thankyou, Gloria, your explanation makes it clear.

Dear Annette,
I got the title from the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator. Of course, it will not give me the same Letter anymore, so I cannot verify. Maybe God was answering my question, as that was really what I needed.


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