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Dear All,

I have just finished the translation of the message no:2571. But I have a little, little pinch in me, about the last paragraph, saying:

"Old thoughts ride away on a motorcycle in the desert, leaving a little dust behind. You, the rider, never think of looking back, nor do you want to. You keep your eyes front forward, straight ahead."

My question may sound little obsessive but it really bothers me:

HERE, old thougts are riding with motorcycle, leaving dust behind, I am riding the cycle at the same time, beacuse I am the rider. Then, who is riding the cycle, old thoughts or me, if old thoughts are on the cycle, what is the dust behind?

Am I the one who babbles and twaddles?

Could it be that the "old

Could it be that the "old thoughts" represent the layers of false identity we keep covered over us? We carry these layers during our experience of life and so they too are travellers on this journey. As we progress, the layers are peeled off and left behind and the real traveller is revealed.

Could it be the "dust left behind" represents the old thoughts that "once was the rider"?

Ahhh canim, thank you, I was

Ahhh canim, thank you, I was quite suspicious, whether my question is silly, more silly or less silly etc.. :Criying: ;) :blushing:

At least it has an answer. :big

Thank you indeed. :thumbup:

Canim Engin, I think Heaven

Canim Engin, I think Heaven Admin's response is excellent! It is beautiful to read.

Sometimes our Beloved God is a little sloppy with antecedents!

The idea I just got was that sitting behind the dirver are the old thoughts. I wonder if that works!

Canim Gloria, thank you very

Canim Gloria,

thank you very much indeed.

I have just read the Godwriting about Wally,

it is so beautiful, so touchy so everything that I do not know what to say. Only I am sorry that ı had not read it before.

Thank God, My Hasmet stopped meowing. On saturday I took them to the vet. The vet found them a bit plump. So we switched the food into light food. I think he is protesting this change. On the otherhand I feel myself guilty that I feed them with those packed food,yet they are used to, and when we are away from home it is easy for everbody...And when I have enough energy and time I will try to feed them with homemade food.

loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooove and
special thanks