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new too

Hello I'm new too, I wasn't going to post here as I couldn't think of anything to say other than hello I'm new too; I can't even remember how I found this website; I just left a message for DesertRose then logged out; then I stumbled across the page with the heading 'Life is willing you to raise it higher' and I was lead to read the words 'You are here to be seen and heard', and my response to that is?
Ok I will tell you what my honest response to God telling me that was: 'Oh God! Oh no! Oh please don't make me do this again'.
Y'see there is a little bit I missed out near the beginning of this post, truthfully how it should have read was:
....left a message for DesertRose, then logged out, then stumbled across a posting from Gloria saying about how not to talk about religion, politics etc that's ok no problem, but then I see.... not to help people; then my thought was Oh no,oh I did it again!!!! ...... then I saw the intro forum for newbies and again had the thought I don't have anything to say. Then found the 'Life is willing you...... ' page.
Y'see God just most often has me 'responding' to people; hence my 'Oh God Oh no not again! I'm not at all good at NOT helping others; God propels me, it's just natural to give whatever will help at that time. I read somewhere once, that God works through us, that we are the instruments.
I just deleted what I'd written next as I was told rather strongly that I 'MUST NOT' apologise for helping people.
As I sit here now feeling rather fed-up and sad as to what I am supposed to do and not do (other people's approval!!), i am being gently reminded of one of Gloria's blog posts I read, which made me laugh so much; it's the one one where she admits she couldn't for the life of her, ever stay within the confines of a small box when filling in a form. At the time I read it I roared with laughter, as I am utterly the same. So I guess I'm just gonna say:
yup! and here is another one waving hello to you Gloria, I too cannot for the life of me stay within the confines of a small box; it writes where it needs to be written, it helps, it says things, I is just what I is.
The 'human' bit of me has absolutely no hope and no faith in ever finding where I 'belong' and am 'acceptable', and gets so sad and tired of keep trying, but here goes again, another beginning. just have to wait and see i guess.
Peace and Light, rain.

Dearest Rain, a most warm

Dearest Rain,

a most warm welcome on this Heavenly forum !! You made me laugh with the staying withing the boxes ! Belonging and being acceptable is problematic only if we relate to worldy parameters, we belong to God and I love most a Heavenletter where God says that He approved of us a long time ago, before time was. I can't recall the title of this divine Heavenletter though.
Hope you will feel cozy and at home here, it is a most wonderful place. Try the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, it is so exciting and amazing to wait while God is selecting a Love Letter for you !

Infinite Love and Peace and Light to you dear

Thankyou Berit you're a joy

Thankyou Berit you're a joy :-) sending love to you, because you reminded me god loves me too, and well, because you are you :-) .
hug, rain.

hello berit

hello berit, are you the berit of kjos ministries?
love, rain.

Dearest Rain, no, I can't

Dearest Rain,

no, I can't say I am, I am just Berit from Italy.

much love to you dear

Dear Rain, follow Berit

Dear Rain, follow Berit advice and try the Cosmic Heavenletter Generator, but, first, with intention, ask God to tell you how and when offer your help to others. I used to have the same problem, but now I have understood and sometimes, in order to learn, we choose the hard way.

that's the thing

Hello Emilia,
that's the thing lol, it's god who I'm following in the first place, it's not me doing it; I don't choose how and when, god does; some of us earth angels look a bit yukky because we get the yukky jobs :-); god tells me who to help, and when, and what to say; and god also knows that sometimes I get fed up with how some people respond; but god doesn't mind me saying that or feeling like that because god knows that I will 100% continue to do god's work. god for some reason wanted me to come to this site; there is something obviously that god wants me to say to someone; when that happens I will; until then you will just get me wandering around, saying hello to people, giving hugs etc.
Peace, rain.

Beloved Emilia, I followed

Beloved Emilia, I followed your advice and pressed the Cosmic Wow Generator. I hadn't done it in a while. I have always loved doing it, but somehow I strayed.

But look what I got! God hit me right between the eyes!

The Step after Ego Heavenletter #1712 Published on: July 28, 2005

God said:

Everything is a step. Even ego is a step. Just don’t spend too long on it.

Oh, that ego, God. Try as I may...

aww gloria

aww gloria, don't beat yourself up lol, it doesn't make you a bad person just because your ego got in the way of your heart :-) forgive yourself :-),
love, rain.

Um, Señora, does it want a

Um, Señora, does it want a comma after "flounced of" in the third paragrap?

And hail to ego who does all the trying and happily plays the part of persona non grata.

Si, Senor Jochen, it should

Si, Senor Jochen, it should be as you suggest:

flounced off, and you would have made friends as you left.

Thank you.

As for my ego, it is not exactly a surprise! Whom do we know who is without ego!!!

Actually, I do know a few. At least they are suspect!


Gosh Gloria...I know what you mean about ego. In so many spiritual circles, the topic of ego is either avoided or treaded upon very tenderly or even fearfully around. This is how I look at it: Ego is the voice and persona of the little self (which appears to be a very convincing reality...but actually a kind of mirage) For most of us, most of the time, it is what we operate from. That is all...not a big deal. In the extreme, Ego is what appears to rule the world...ego's interest are really all about itself...ego is about survival...ego is about wanting and coveting and craving...ego is feeling you are either the savior of the world...or arch enemy #1...and with that...the world's biggest victim. But most people are in the middle somewhere....just an ordinary sense of self...that's the way I look at it to not give it the "press" that it craves! When ego surfaces in me...I give it a hug with love and light...One might think that this would enlarge or emphasize it...on the dissipates and disarms the ego...cause when it comes down to it, ego fears Love. We are, at our essence, the Self, Divinity, Love. Anyway...this is my perspective...It may or may not be spiritual paths (these delcate, wise stepping stones) are unique to each of us. Love and blessings, Jim and Jimi.

Beloved Jim, I agree with

Beloved Jim,

I agree with you and Jimi too!

You know how God in Heavenletters is so sweet and open and accepting of us. No fear, no punishment etc.Only infinite flowing love.

God's love motivates me more than anything. He melts me. His kindness and generosity make me want to be "better." That He makes me feel so welcome opens my heart more. I know you know what I mean.

And so I see you treat your ego as God treats us. Maybe that makes ego less. Love works!


Gloria...and at the end you said: "...And so I see you treat your ego as God treats us. Maybe that makes ego less. Love works!"

Yes!! Jim and Jimi.


Jochen that's so funny I'm cracking up laughing; I know that you know that 'ego' is just an invention by an old psychologist who was discredited along time ago. :-) rain.

Dear Rain, you are right,

Dear Rain, you are right, the topic of ego can be quite entertaining.
And at least the name of that old psychologist means joy.

Are you taking your stroll around the site? Do you like it?


true jochen it's hilarious; and yes I looked around a little and I know what it's 'for' lol, however my job is done here thankfully! so am waving bye bye lol, rain.

Bye, dear.

Bye, dear.