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I'm new- Desertrose

Hello New Friends,

I knew of heavenletters a few years ago and found the concept interesting. I'd been intuitively writing to God and answering from my higher self for awhile and found the concept of heavenletters refreshing.

To be honest, I'm seeking a new Internet home. I've just come out of an uncomfortable experience from a place that I became to enmeshed with. Differing viewpoints were looked down upon and I was cast out. My heart is healing from the experience and I want to find a place of acceptance, friendship, compassion, love, and FREE thinking. I won't say what I came out of was all a bad experience as all experiences help us grow. There are no coincidences .. I came back here and have noticed the site is built up and beautiful!!!

Gloria, I'm the person who mentioned to you a time back about putting the workshop in a online form : ). I'm not sure if you'll remember me.

I'm glad to be here and hope to share what I have to offer and to receive love and acceptance.



Dearest Desertrose, what

Dearest Desertrose,

what most beautiful name and sweet picture you have chosen ! This is indeed HEAVENSITE, no other name could be more apropriate !
Heavenletters/forum/site/readers..... is home for me, that's how I feel. I'm sure you'll love it.

A most warm welcome and a big hug !

Much love

Beloved Berit, because you

Beloved Berit, because you mentioned Desertrose's picture, I had to go take a peek. I see that she is a princess! And so are you!

Dear Berit, Thank you for

Dear Berit,

Thank you for the loving welcome. It felt really nice coming here today and seeing your note to me. I'm in a tad of a vulnerable space right now and your sweetness was exactly what I needed. Thank you friend.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Dear Desertrose, you will be

Dear Desertrose, you will be happy to know that Heaven Admin and I will be working on an online workshop! Yes, I do remember that someone had suggested it, and now I know it's you.

The people who post here are of the highest. I am constantly in awe of the perceptive comments and insights into Heavenletters that I read on this forum.

It's not all free thinking here! There are plenty of topics we simply stay away from. It's not that the topics we stay away from are wrong. It's just that we have a different purpose. We have guidelines and best practices. I think they're a good idea. Everyone is reminded to read them and follow them.

The way I see it, a forum is kind of like someone's house. The people whose house it is might ask us to remove our shoes at their house. We may want to keep our shoes on, but we're visitors, and so we do what is asked.

Thanks for coming here, dear Desertrose.

Dear Gloria,

Dear Gloria,

I completely agree. I feel to keep a loving space it is best to steer away from topics that are considered hot. There are tons of places on the Internet to discuss such things if that is one's forte : ) On a spiritual forum such as this, I very much agree that focusing on the positive, and loving compassion and keeping in line w/ what the site was created for is the loving and compassionate thing to do. My heart is gentle and my focus is on giving and receiving love. If you need any help w/ the online workshop, please let me know. I'd be happy to help.

Our thoughts are powerful and creating our next precious moment

Welcome DesertRose! Thank

Welcome DesertRose! Thank you for offering to help with the workshop. I'm going to take you up on that generous offer!

Oceans of Love

hello DesertRose

Hello DesertRose,
I am also new, also looking for a new internet home, also came from place where differing and free-thinking not allowed; I wasn't cast out, I casted myself out :-) but I'm sure they would have cast me out if I had stayed lol!!
I have learned too, over the years, and have been shown a way to look at it that 'works for me', dunno if it will be of any help to you but here goes:
I see my understanding (of life, God,living, daily happenings etc) as though I am a set of Russian Dolls, but in reverse; I have at each 'now' my ideas, feelings, beliefs,etc and what I understand of the world, there is a limit, a boundary around what I can cope with at the time. I am smaller than the Russian Doll shell shape around me, these walls are good and healthy for me as I grow. However, as I grow there comes a time when what was once comfortable becomes increasingly uncomfortable, my boundaries become to small, all is too tight, and so I have to break out of this shell and so I find myself a tiny thing, like a new-born chick in what seems a big and unknown space; I have entered a new, bigger Russian Doll if you see what I mean. So I continue on my life-journey and I continue to grow, but I will find that I sometimes enter a group or situation which I soon find is a Russian Doll size too small for me; being there frustrates me, and also frightens them because I say things they can't cope with at the time; if I stay in this wrong place then the people there will, in their fear, harm me; because they are not ready to break out of their particular-sized doll-shell yet, and they can't cope with what they are hearing. Sometimes groups will accept me if I will internally agree to comply with their ways, ie: squish myself into a shape they find acceptable, but that is so uncomfortable that I can't do it.
I hope that this website will prove to be a BIG Russian Doll with lots of space for us to uncurl and become even more the true shape we are :-)
Peace and Light, rain.

russian dolls

Rain, you are giving a very apt description of the situation we all find ourselves in, enclosed in our russian dolls of various sizes, feeling protected and wanting to get out, dismayed when we feel like hatching out and the timing turns out to be different for others. I think you will find enough tolerance here. Part of the reason could be that this may be the last doll beyond which there is boundlessness, Oneness. Oneness is not a doll because it has no outside, but God says it's our only true home, Eden. Welcome, dear one, and what a lovely name you have.

reply to jochen

just got this in email from you but when tried to reply it went haywire, cannot open your other emails, had to delete them as this one sent the whole system into a weird loop, so had to come onto forum to find it; here is what I tried to email you in reply:
Hi Jochen,
don't beat me up for saying this lol (joke) but when we 'hatch' it always feels like we have entered into a 'boundless' 'last egg '- type space, that's because although we grew 'big' in the last space, we are now tiny in the new space, and so tiny we can't see the new boundaries, we have to be in there a bit before we grow big enough to see them lol.
I guess you wont agree but I don't think there is an 'end', also that all the sizes of 'dolls' are still God, it's all God. I know God isn't a doll, doesn't have an end, that there is only God and nothing outside of God because all is God. I'm using the 'doll' idea just as a way to express what the individual can cope with at any one time, which is to set and have healthy boundaries. I don't think God is offended at that (though people often can be lol! hence wars etc); and the individual I'm then speaking of is each one of us as a unique facet of the one God which is unfolding at it's own rate. It's easier to understand than to put into words which is why I just chose the example of a doll.
A 'last-doll' idea sounds like the particular belief some have about physical re-incarnation??? I was though speaking about spiritual growth not any religion.
Our different facets are fascinating aren't they :-) I do understand that some people want to 'not-exist' or have everything the same, but I like the varieties, for me the idea of all becoming the same is just like what we see on the tv prog star trek with the 'Borg' trying to replace everything and everyone with them.
So dear Jochen our two particular facets of God are just gonna have to wave hi to eachother and agree to differ, I kinda like now to think of the you-facet of God in your 'boundless oneness', it's making me smile.
Peace, rain.

Dear Rain,

Here is a genuine smile for you!

jochen will you....

jochen will you post what I've just had to submit for approval; been trying to reply to your email of this post; finally had to put 'it's me rain got computer problem', or I have to type it all out again for about 10th time, thanks, rain.

Beloved Rain, this is a

Beloved Rain, this is meant to be a response to your post where you mentioned trolls. I'm not sure my response is appearing at the right place. Your mention of troll stimulated me to say something about this, and so I thank you.

This forum is special with amazing beautiful people. No one has to agree with anyone.

We have been blessed by God and the Heavenreaders on this site. On this site we are gentle, generous, well, good to each other. Our focus is on God and not on each other. This simply isn't a place for personalities.

NO ONE is a troll here. No one is allowed to be a troll here. We do not allow anyone to be contentious with anyone here. This forum is meant to be a safe place to be for all those who wish to be here and serve the whole.

In the five or more years that this forum has been rolling, there have been only three people who have been banned. This is an amazing record.

I do not know if the three trolls knew they were trolls. I suspect they didn't see that they were sabotaging the site. They may even have thought they were making points that were valuable. They are free to think as they think as they think as are we all, yet this is not a place to convince anyone of anything. The flaw of the people who were banned was not their ideas -- it was their persistence that they were right and they kept at it. All they had to do was drop it, and they weren't able to. Such simple advice -- drop it.

In my understanding of the word troll that a troll is not a troll to an individual but rather to the site. Innocently or not, trolls have their own agenda. This is not a site for personal agendas. It's not about being right here. No one is here to prove anything. No one is here to educate anyone but themselves. This is a site for people who read Heavenletters, care about expanding their hearts and vision and to come closer to God. God is the only teacher here.

My guess is that God in Heavenletters talks more about letting go of the past than anything else -- except love. When we come here, let's leave our shoes at the door.

I said that no one has to agree with anyone here. Agree or not, everyone has to abide by the guidelines!

God bless us all!

i have to laugh

hello gloria, I'm having so many computer problems since your emails started coming in I'm having to laugh, the whole of my email site just went haywire.
yes I do remember posting about forgiving what trolls had done to me, (the ambush type ones) but I'm not sure where I put it either lol; Oh I 've found it, you posted under it about forgiveness :-) I'm glad there are no trolls here :-) it's good that everyone can be themselves because that's the joy of God I agree, glad i came after your particular trolls had dropped it I loved the heavenletter about being here because we are needed, it's a joy,
Peace and Light, rain.

This thread is getting a

This thread is getting a little eerie for me. What is it about? I searched the site for "troll", but the only thing that comes up is this post of yours, Gloria. Personally, I don't believe in trolls. Well, I guess I don't have to know everything. Sigh. And

Yes, you do have to know

Yes, you do have to know everything.

Here's the link to Rain's post:

Sorry I posted in the wrong place.