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Rave Review and a Heaven News posting that doesn't show

I found this as a comment under the latest Heaven News, and it doesn't show on the community page. It is one of the most delightful comments ever! So I'm re-posting it here, and also my response:

I watched the youtube interview with Gloria by Allan. I'll never be the same. It was so beautiful in every detail. Gloria reminded me of my first encounter with Helen Schuctman and Course In Miracles back in my college days.

Today I had just watched Marlene's beautiful youtube presentation on Dancing with God and hadn't settled to earth yet when her youtube interview with Allan came on.. I couldn't refrain from saying to God: "You are dealing from the bottom of the Deck, again!"

He responded: "I always deal from the bottom of the deck when I want to play an ACE in the Game of Love! They are both ACE's."

"But isn't that unfair?" I countered.

"Playing with the Love Deck is never unfair, and I make sure you always get a winning hand."

"Hey how about when I held my wife of 64 years as she slipped into Your Wonderland? That sure seemed like a losing card to me."

"You didn't know that the card you held was a wild card and trumped the 'feel sorry for yourself' card and now you can see that you took home the precious fragments of a life in ME full of JOY unspeakable and full of knowledge and wonder. You look back with Gloria's help and see that moment in the light of eternities grace and glory."

How can I thank you and Alan for such a wonder filled lesson on love.

You look too cute for words to this old man.


Gloria's Response:

Hurray, George! I came across your posting! And what a delightful one it is!

Well, Allan and I were talking on the phone, and he said something like: "You have to hear this." He had taped a conversation with a gentleman who had called him about a .Bridging Heaven and Earth TV Show out of Santa Barbara. Allan is the host.

So, Allan played the phone call, and I was floored at how nice it was.

And then the gentleman who had called Allan turned out to be Heaven's very own George! Double pleasure.

George, until I read this posting, I didn't know that God played cards. And that, if he ever did, he would deal from the bottom of the deck! And if he did deal from the bottom of the deck, that he would ever, in God's name, pull my card out!

I love how God trumped the Feel Sorry card. He did a great job.

Dear George, did you actually know Helen Schuctman? If yes, will you tell us more, please?
Or even if you didn't know her personally, will you tell us what you do know?

With love and blessings,


P.S. By the way, God just whispered to me that your beloved wife of sixty years is very much with you and enjoying every minute.

Senora! What a find.

Senora! What a find. Sometimes I wish that this site was NOT such a mystery. I too did not see this comment until you posted...cutie...Queen of Hearts! What else shall we call you!?

Who is George? Is this George Montana? I hope he sees this post.

One Love

Dear Heaven Admin, yes, it

Dear Heaven Admin, yes, it is George Monta! I did email him.

Why, Senor, you can call me Senora as always. :)

While exploring this site, I

While exploring this site, I stumbled across George's comment again and it's like the first time I read it, so now I have to comment again! We shold put this up on the reader comments page! George may we please have a photo and stick it next to this comment on the "Reader Comments" page?

Do you know that George

Do you know that George mailed me a photo of him and his beautiful wife a long time ago? Lauren just scanned it for me. I was thinking it could on George's profile on this forum and anywhere else. We have a book or two of George's perceptive comments! Yes, we definitely want him on the Reader Comment page. I'll send you that scanned photo now.

Ok, I received the beautiful

Ok, I received the beautiful photo of George and his wife. Gracias. Maybe I can come up with something to show "All comments by this author" on the profile pages. That will make it easier to follow someone's comments. Yes a book from George Monta will be a wonder!

Yes, everything you say

Yes, everything you say would be wonderful! To see a book or books of the love and wisdom from many people who post on the forum. Can you really make it so we can find all quotes from anyone we want? What a world!

And now if we click on George's name, we can see how handsome he is and how beautiful his wife who is smiling at all of us from Heaven now.