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Good day Dear facets of Consciousness

I am also a facet of consciousness. Presently in between the realms of the reality and REALITY.
Hope to learn and gain from you all.

in consciousness we prevail
in consciousness we disappear
in consciousness we wail
in consciousness we come near


Hi Prashu, I love it how you

Hi Prashu,

I love it how you introduced yourself!
WELCOME to Heavenletter Forums and the consciousness that you bring with you!


Facets of a poly-dimensional diamond!!!

So happy to find this site today!
I have just begun a project in my home town that is all about self transformation and world transformation.
Its for a secular community but has spiritual foundations.
So your comments about facets is my first post.

And we're so happy you found

And we're so happy you found us!

And don't you have a wonderful name!

Beautiful facet of

Beautiful facet of Consciousness, nice to meet you in Spirit,

Kind regards,