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New Godwriting

It's 1.00 am, in Italy. I felt an impulse to write on my copybook (it's correct?) and without a question in my mind my pen begun to write God's words. Here they are. Really, wonderful. Thanks.

God: I could never speak with you. But you steel feel the need to contact Me in this way.
The world. You look at the world hoping to find great signs of change.
There are. I can assure you. But they don't appear in the newspapers or in internet.
Neither the informations exchange between you have a sufficient window of opportunity to understand how the hearts are changing.
I testify it.
My word must convince you.
Great hearts in umankind are opening to understanding of the magnitude about what they are.
Responsible men of themselves and others are advancing on the front line, going beyond time and space.
They carry the banner of the new era.
They are the new hearts of new men, those who pick up the drops of pure light.
They are the great change of the world.
And they will soon be visible and soon the change of consciousness will not be only a word but it will be the new story.

Beloved Pitta, this is so

Beloved Pitta, this is so beautiful. It touches my heart very much.

Pitta, have you thought of sending your Godwriting out? With your permission, I will send this to a newsletter that will spread your Godwriting. Is it okay with you, beloved Godwriter?

Love, Gloria

Dear beloved Gloria, you

Dear beloved Gloria, you know very well, Godwriting does not belong to the writer personally but belongs to all. There is the essence of I Am, the I Am of all mankind. You can do with it (and every others in the past and future) what you want.
Always in my heart.

You are right in what you

You are right in what you say. I will send this Godwriting(tm) to Lady Isis, but then I will ask you to send any further Godwriting yourself. Agreed?!!!

Loving you, Gloria

Ok, dear, but Lady Isis sent

Ok, dear, but Lady Isis sent me many "indications" about how send her my Godwriting. I have to be honest: I haven't understand so well what she asked to me. Many ways, so too fixed rules I don't understand.
I have decided: on september I will take English lessons.
Love, pitta

I will tell you a secret. I

I will tell you a secret. I couldn't understand Lady Isis' directions either!

Laura, a Godwriter in U.S., has been sending some of her Godwriting to Lady Isis, and it is published, and I will ask Laura to comment here.

Loving you,


Guidelines for Lady Isis

Hi, Pitta,

Your - God's - Words are so beautiful and so true! Thank you for sharing with us all.

I too have to read Lady Isis' guidelines over and over again. I may be repeating what she says but hopefully putting it more clearly for you here.

She has two newsletters, one is Isis Angels and one is Light Circle Ezine. Let's keep it simple and just deal with Light Circle Ezine. Lady Isis will put in whichever she wants.

Do not send any attachments. Just write or copy/paste your Godwriting in the main body of the email, meaning just type in the email, no attachments.

Make sure your email font for the letters is Arial 12 pt.

All lines single space.

For paragraph change just add extra line of space.

In the subject line put Submission for TheLightCircleEzine.
Send a short bio of yourself with your photo. That's the only attachment she wants you to send.

The other instructions are for punctuation but can get confusing. Just make sure that periods and question marks and exclamation marks are inside any quote marks.

It would be helpful if you read some of the writings that are in Lady Isis' Ezine and maybe that will clarify things for you more.

I hope this has helped you. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Wishing you the very best. With love and blessings, Laura

Laura, that's really

Laura, that's really helpful.

Pitta, I'll be traveling today. Tomorrow I will send your first submission to Lady Isis.

Loving you both,


Loving you both. Laura,

Loving you both. Laura, soooooo many thanks.


That was incredible. "soon the change of consciousness will not be only a word but it will be the new story".

So powerful and inspiring. Thank you for sharing and please share more!