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Your Loving God


Berit to God:

Dear God,

sweetest Father, can you tell me about my not being physically so ok, I mean like being upside down, what’s the matter ? Is it a kind of stress relieve accumulated ? I love you and I thank you so much for holding me so lovingly.
yours forever.

God to Berit:

My beloved child,

My angel, I am with you , in you, around you. I am every breath you breath, I am every heartbeat of yours, I am your loving friend, father, lover, partner, I am all you can conceive and desire. And, I love you, I smile at your hear melting now, keep looking at me with your beautiful heart, you know what I mean. Keep looking at me with your heart and feel how everything shifts and falls into place, dissolving into Me and the love we are.

Nothing is the matter and nothing is wrong. Since part of you is now expressed in a physical body, that is what bodies sometimes do. Your body serves you magnificently, loyally, and now it needs a bit of re-adjusting. You can lovingly accept such a small request, can’t you ? Don’t bother about it, bother about Me, about our love. I love when you smile like now, see how easy it is ?

From before time was we are One Love, we are. We have been any “when” and “where”, we have tasted it all, we have played all the roles imaginable, out of sheer joy, out of our infinite love for each other. We dance through the universe and we dance through creation at the beat of our loving hearts.

I hold you now and forever and as I come unto you so you come unto me, your “role” is not a passive one at all, there is no distinction or quality between us, so I repeat what I just said: as I come unto you, so you come unto Me, and the love and joy and passion we are is beyond what words could ever express. Keep dancing with Me, my love.

Your loving God.