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Godwriting July

really, I can't comment about these wonderful words. I will try this new "method" (new to me). God bless you.

pitta to God: Let's talk about Love.

God: It is our neverending story.

pitta: I want to live it fully now, in union.

God: This is what I want, really. So what you want it is an impulse that come from Me. I fix the impulses that you warn. The difficulty borns for you think they are your ideas.
And then you try to convince Me!
I Am the One who waits for you, rather. My are impulses. You haven't to ask Me nor convince Me.

pitta: I am without words

God: Think like that: everything you feel, you perceive, in truth is not your desire, Am I up to you these impulses.
Why you want convince Me? We are One-Thing. What you want is already done. For what you want agrees with what I want.
So, when you think: let's talk about love?, it will be because I am speaking about Love to you.
When you think: my Divine Presence, I want to be aware about our oneness, it will be because I Am inviting you to join Me.
Now try to reverse in this way all your aspirations and you will hear My Voice and really you will know Me.

Beloved Pitta, thank you so

Beloved Pitta, thank you so much for your Godwriting Heavenpetal!

Yes, your Godwriting and the Heavenletter are on the same wave length. I love what God tells us, dear Pitta.

Thank you so much for posting your Godwriting.

With love and blessings,