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Godwriting - question about the soul

My Godwriting of this morning, an overwhelming feeling.

Berit to God:

Dear God,

Can You pls tell me about my soul, about the Oneness I feel ?
Thank you, I love You so much.

God to Berit:

My beloved child, I AM YOUR SOUL AND I AM YOU. I am the ocean of which your soul is a beautiful drop. I am the one sitting in the chair asking and I am the one answering and you are who I am. I am your beloved Self in whom you remain well pleased. I bless you now and forever.
Your Loving God

Beloved Berit, this is so

Beloved Berit, this is so wonderful. This is so wonderful I can hardly bear it -- do you know what I mean. It is so simple and beautiful and overpowering. What a simple answer that just opens up the world.

Berit, everyone in the Universe needs to read this.

Email me and I will tell you where to submit this for publication. And I think I must do a blog about this incredible Godwriting as well.

Am I ever glad that we had a Godwriting workshop in Turin and that you took it.

God bless you.

With love,


P.S. Heaven Admin has been suggesting a book of Heavenpetals -- Godwriting from people who have taken Godwriting workshops. We can talk about this more too.

Bella Bella Bella!

Bella Bella Bella!

Berit, take a look at

Berit, take a look at today's Heavenletter Twitter.

Oh my God, I forgot to

Oh my God, I forgot to breath and stared at the postings...and God just smiled.
loving you always.

Fantastico, Berit.

"I am your beloved Self in whom you remain well pleased".

That sums it up so beautifully. You are very Loved.