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New Children: All about Love

Holy love is the only true love.
There is no love the same or better for you than your own love.
You are always protected by God's love.
You can never hurt God because God is love and love in unhurtable.
Nikki 12 Jahre

Love is the only thing that matters, nothing else does.
Max 6 Jahre

I hope that people will open their hearts now.
That is what is so needed.
If we could just look at each other,
Very deep,
Then we would know we are the same.
We could fall in love with everyone.
I fall in love with myself
When I give love to others.
I love everyone so much
Because that is how I find myself.
It isn't hard at all.
We make it seem hard because we are afraid.
But we don't need to be afraid anymore.
Love is here right now.
Doug 10 Jahre

Out of the books
"Die Kinder des neuen Jahrtausends - mediale Kinder verändern die Welt "
(Children of the New Millenium)
Jan Udo Holey
Amadeus-Verlag, ISBN 3-9807106-4-5
"Ich komm aus der Sonne "
(I come from the Sun)
Flavio M. Cabobianco
Ch.Falk-Verlag, ISBN 3-924161-72-0
...and out of e-mails of the Beloved Community, James Twyman.

Thank you so much

Thank you so much Lynn-and-Lizz! That was so awesome! Jimi was so happy to read those quotes cause they were so true and so sweet and so loving! Loving and blessing you: Jim and Jimi

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

The Wisdom and Truth that

The Wisdom and Truth that emanate from the innocence of children's pure hearts, is a joy to behold!

Thank you for sharing!

Love Mary


So much heart and so much

So much heart and so much wisdom in these children!

We have been told, that a new kind of children are beeing born, who re-member their Source/God/Love, as these children obviously do. I am thankful for their beeingness and for the gifts they bring!

This really is World Good News! Thanks Lynn & Lizz for sharing them!


Dearest Lynn and Lizz, thank

Dearest Lynn and Lizz,

thank you for this wonderful sharing. it is amazingly beautiful and these children are our blessing. Thank you !!!
Thanks also for all the indications concerning the books, I will look them up at amazon.

Love Light and Joy to you !!