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Global peace meditation is coming on April 5th and 6th

This is the Newsletter from James Twyman I received yesterday, hope you enjoy !!

Newsletter January 8, 2008

The most important and powerful global peace meditation in history is coming on April 5th and 6th.

The Moses Code

To view a special preview from The Moses Code movie, go to

For the first time a major spiritual film is being combined with a global peace meditation, drawing hundreds of thousands of people together for an experiment that will change the world. For a full weekend, April 5th and 6th, people from every corner of the globe will initiate the most powerful manifestation tool in the history of the world, The Moses Code, demonstrating the power of a 3500 year old process originally used to create some of the greatest miracles in the Bible. This process was given to Moses by God at the burning bush, but was then hidden away. Today, more than ever before we need to learn this tool, then use it to shift the whole planet toward peace and compassion.

Here's how the event will work:
On Saturday, April 5th, over two thousand showings of the film will take place in theaters, churches, and most particularly, in people's homes. Through the film you'll learn a creative process that has been hidden for over 3500 years - the most powerful manifestation process in history.

On Sunday, April 6th, at a very particular time, thousands of people from around the world will join in the prayer vigil, directing the Moses Code energy toward the Middle East, the target of the experiment. At the same moment there will be major concerts and events happening in three distinct countries - Iran, Iraq and Israel. These events will form a grid that will focus the prayers of peace from around the world. In short, this will be the most profound and incredible prayer event in history.

Would you like to sponsor a showing of the film and meditation in your home? For more information visit

To view the trailer, visit the website, and get ready!!!

Thank you for posting this

Thank you for posting this Sweet Angel ~ I shall most certainly be joining in!

Lots of Love



Love Berit



Angel Berit, I am sooo

Angel Berit,

I am sooo interested in that! I wonder wether the film will be translated or if we can buy it in Germany as well - would be a very good energy to spread it all over the world.

It´s a very, very heavenly idea, and it´s inspiring as well. Couldn´t we all (Heavenletter´s readers) plan another event like this? All of us have watched uplifting films yet (Celestine, Secret, Baggar Vance and what they all are called...). What about making an appointment, like "we will all watch this and this movie on ......" and sending thoughts of love and peace to special areas of the earth (or just anywhere...).
Additionally to every other loving action.
I love this brainstorming. I mean, LOVE STORMING. Better: SHOWER of LOVE.
Oh yeah, we are all WORD MAGICIANS. And therefore CREATORS OF LOVE - if we choose to be that.

Thank you so much for your inspiration!
Lynn Claudia

The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life.
-Richard Bach

I think on the website

I think on the website indicated, on the left a selection says "Host the event". I did have a look and I would love to host such an event, but I am not in condition to do so.
I did see recently Celestine and I loved it, like the Secret. Don't know the Baggar Vance but I will look up what it is. also Deja vu seems a good film, I haven't seen it yet.
I feel we can sureley do all we can for Peace and send our love and light and joy everywhere, we can visualise Peace and people going on well together, we can do what ever our hearts suggest us.
We are indeed creators of love and we can make a difference if we choose ! In each moment we decide who and what we are, and we are free to express the grandest version of the highest vision we ever held about who we are !
Thanks for your wonderful reply and for the love and wonderful energy that is coming through your words !!

Love and blessings to you