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Good news

We have very good news in our family: our second oldest daughter had baby girl (her second) on Dec. 2nd!

An hour before delivery, the name Astrid beamed into our son-in-law’s mind and that is the name she came into the world with. I checked ‘Wikipedia’, there it describes it originating from a Germanic – Nordic source, meaning ‘Divine Beauty’. I’m thrilled!

Although she was due on Dec.26, she arrived earlier, on a day where a snow storm had slowed the traffic and the ride to the hospital that would take 30 minutes, took an hour. Fortunately everything went easy and well and they were home after 24 hours. We are relieved to know that she is healthy and fit, also thankful for the joy that she brings us.

In gratitude,

Very dear Xenia,

Very dear Xenia, :wub:

congratulations !!!! What a beautiful news it is!!! What a beautiful name it is!!! :thumbup:





Congratulations Xenia...and

Congratulations Xenia...and much love for Astrid! Have a beautifully divine day. Jim.

Each new moment is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly.

Dearest Xenia, I'm so happy

Dearest Xenia,

I'm so happy for you and your family !!!!!! What wonderful news and just in time for Christmas !! Being German I'm familiar with the name Astrid, I like it and I didn't know it's meaning, it's really divine !!!!

So glad for all of you. Big big hugs to all !

Love and lots of blessings

What a divine beautiful gift

What a divine beautiful gift Xenia!

Congratulations and lots of love to all of you!


Mary :)

Dear Angels, because that is

Dear Angels,
because that is what you are,
I am very much touched by your love and participation in the joy that we are experiencing.
Thank you so much!

Big HUGS to All,

This must be inexpressible

This must be inexpressible joy, dear Xenia. The joy is reaching all over the world.



Dear Xenia – I have only

Dear Xenia – I have only just discovered your family’s glad tidings. Congratulations! Little Astrid – the name by the way is not of German but of Scandinavian origin!

Lots of love to you and the family – Aquarius xxx