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Neale Donald Walsch

Has anyone read his conversations with God?
Has anyone read 'Matthew's Messages' by Suzy Ward?
Has anyone read a Heavenletter?

If you have, then you see that God changes what He says depending on who He is talking to. According to the God of Walcsh, Jesus died on the cross.
According to the God of Suzy Ward, Jesus was flogged and moved away, not crucified.
I don't remember what the Heavenletter God said about this.

Yes, it's fine to go with what feels correct to you, but with all these Gods talking and giving different information, it makes it kind of tough to know what to think.

I am wondering if the one speaking is a messenger from God, instead of the main God, any thoughts on this? There seems to be a lot of God-chatting going around, and each has their own spin on things. Is God playing a game with us? Does God change His opinion? What's going on?

You can't believe the Bible, you have to decipher all these messages from God, and where does it leave you?
I will say, the God of the Heavenletters seems to be lighter-hearted and has more loving things to say. The Walsch God is a little grumpier, still loving, I guess, but seems to say things that are really far fetched.
Suzy Ward's God is very light-hearted, very "down to Earth", and loving.

Which one should I pick? Which words are 'the' words?
I was told that some people here only read the Gloria's God words and may not have read anyone else. Maybe they should. Then you would see what I'm talking about. It's either God or it's not. Maybe Whomever is talking is a friendly messenger and not specifically God..ever wonder about that?
I'm sure people here will heroically stand up for the Heavenletter's God, and that's ok. This is what sounds good and most of what's written is loving. Are these other God's fakers? Who's the faker here? Who actually is talking?
I really just do not know anymore..I suppose maybe it doesn't matter. The messages are ok, but I really would like to know the source.
Any replies? Especially from Gloria

Hi Nancy, Why spend so much

Hi Nancy,

Why spend so much energy on such thoughts? Read as much as possible, from every source. When your heart sees Truth you'll know it and light up on the inside. What difference does it make if it's God, Jesus, the Holy Spirit, Allah, Budda or Frank down the street? Point that nose of your towards the Heavens, and just enjoy. I'm a huge fan of A Course in Miracles which teaches that the ego is what has you wrapped up in all these questions. Why? To keep your attention on anything and everything but the Truth.

Tune into God

Nancy, I just wrote a long

Nancy, I just wrote a long answer to you and it disappeared. I wrote another long answer and lost that too. When I tried to delete an extra comma or something like that, that's when my latest response disappeared. The first one disappeared when I went back to read your original question.

I'll try again tomorrow, dear Nancy.

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Hi, Angel Nancy! I've read

Hi, Angel Nancy!

I've read Conversations with God several times (what an amazing book!) but I don't have a clue about Matthew's messages, so I'll talk about the first one.

I can't find the exact page and volume,because the book is huge, but I remember clearly a point where Neal’s making whopee for finally getting it and God replies that there are times, when Neal is a good filter and has only a few holes letting things slip away, but there're also times Neal perceives things from his personal angle and takes down the information channeled, the way his mind sees it.

As Kryon, -a non-physical entity who is, of course, another God’s incarnation, - says, if we were to remember everything and the veil = ego was moved aside, then the game on Earth and all this illusion of duality would be over and we would know everything about everything.

So,my personal opinion is that Gloria, Neal, Suzy and so many other blessed beings, ultimately, are all channels of the one and only God. All we see and hear is God, not only the high, but the low, not only the sweet and smiling but the austere, too, because God is everything that exists and He comes in countless forms and expressions. The duality makes us think that if it is dark or grumpy, then it is not from God. Indeed, some messages are dark, but dark,too, is God and therefore,dark is a part of ourselves, also.

The thing is that , as God says, there is only one Truth but it has many facets, like a diamond….We, as human angels, try to limit God to one facet. But the truth lies in the merging of all the billions of facets.

Therefore, we shouldn’t take everything we read to heart. Discernment and intuition, the heart and the solar plexus will lead us to the truth,our version of the truth.

I know you don't want to hear the cliche "Mind your everyday matters, stay grounded, stop wasting time in solving mysteries, enjoy your life, otherwise you'll find yourself not living in the here and now ",….. but I'm gonna give you the same advice, too. :o)

You have the free will to do, as you wish and if this unsolicited, yet, well-intentioned advice, makes you feel restricted, throw it away. I only try to help.

Now…Have God mentioned something about Jesus' crucifixion in His conversation with Neal? I don't remember any comment on that, but I'm not totally sure because it's been several months since I've last read the book. And what about the Urantia book that gives a detailed narration of Jesus’ days on Earth? I don’t believe that. Others do.

What I endorse is the Pleiadians' viewpoint about the crucifixion. In one of my favorite books, the Bringers of the Dawn, by Barbara Marciniak, the P's say that the whole thing about Jesus on the cross was a hoax. If you own the book, look at page 130. If you don’t, I’ll tell you ,in brief, their version of Jesus Passions.

The Pleidians say that Jesus came through the gate of the Middle East, which is a very hot spot , because many dimensions merge on that spot and therefore, many beings use this gate to enter the Earth plane.

Jesus came as a great representative of the Family of Light and a system-buster (sorry for my poor translation) in order to bring light through this gate, that many “dark” entities have used and still use up to now. Jesus did not come as a single entity but as a group of beings, in order to bring light = information to people and teach them about their hidden potential.

The dark entities that ruled our planet were pissed that He broke the absolute control they had over that gate and, given that this universe is a universe of free will, they decided to bring fear and emotion by creating a holographic drama of the crucifixion.

Millions of people bought it as the real thing and so the reality was altered and so was the direction of the human consciousness.

And now a useful tip. The Pleiadians warn us to be very cautious, because we might get fooled again by a holographic reality. An entity may show up as the second coming of Jesus Christ or extraterrestrials may land and dish up stories that they came to save us etc. In many books, I have read that warning.

Angels usually come in like common people, do not try to impress you and do not reveal their identity. If somebody shows up and tells you his name i.e “I am Jesus, I am Rafael, I am Mary”, ask for help because these entities are trying to fool you.

Love and Light,

Maria, what a response! For

Maria, what a response!

For Nancy, without going back to your original question, from memory I will respond to you from my heart. Please know I am not learned in these matters. (I won't go back because that's how I lost what I wrote the past two times!)

Somehow history and dates and facts don't seem to matter to me. What is important to me about Christ is that he lived, and he, like Buddha and Krishna, taught love. Stories can be read on so many levels. I would not have wanted Christ to suffer, but apart from that, whether the story of the crucifixion is literal or metaphorical, I don't know what difference it makes.

In the FAQ page on the web site as in so many Heavenletters, God says to follow our hearts.

I don't think we have to believe or disbelieve anything! Belief and knowingness are two different things. don't consider anyone an an authority any more. There was a time I did, of course.

I believe Kirt said something about reading everything you can get your hands on. I, too, was once an avid reader. Now I'm not. Now I care more for what I feel than what someone says.

I sure love reading everyone's responses here!

God bless you!
With love, Gloria

I too think that what

I too think that what matters most is the message Jesus (or other Saints) brought to mankind. I don't know if the crucifixion did take place or not, if it did I am sorry for the suffering it has caused. It's his message and his life (living what he did teach) that should be our lighthouse and guidance.
Personally I don't want to know each single fact or detail, to believe or not believe, I hope my heart will always tell me what is important and truth and to recognize God's Divine Hand and Play.
About the question if someone claims to be God, Christ reborn or whatever: is it worse to follow let's say true teachings (I hope to recognize them!) of a false Christ and living equally a good life or it is worse risking not to recognize the real Christ ?

All my love

It seems that you are

It seems that you are confusing God's messages with the filters (us) through which they come. Gloria said it best--sometimes the filters are clear and let God's message shine through, sometimes the filters are clogged and the message is a bit muddied by our own minds.

There is only one God, and we are all part of that one God ... we are all one. But here on the physical plane, we have chosen to experience the separation. Many of us are on our journey home, but continue to face the struggles of not allowing our ego selves (our filters) to overwhelm our spiritual selves--our "knowing."

To me, the "knowing" is when I feel a warmth, a flicker of flame in the center of my being, a curtain being drawn open in some part of my mind, that says "YES," this is truth. The trick has been in learning to absolutely trust that feeling, regardless of what others may say or write or do. It's having, to paraphrase the Bible, "the eyes to see and the ears to hear." It's hard to not let the ego-self second-guess, but it starts with making a conscious decision to follow your instinct, to remain open to different paths.

I feel your confusion, I've been there (and still am there in many respects). But you've obviously started on your path by bringing your question to this website. Something led you here, something led you to pose your questions and invite a response. You've gotten several really good ones already!

Open your heart and mind and allow yourself to feel the kernel of truth that appears in all religions and anything that is of spirit. Make your own connection with God and let spirit speak through you however it will (and it will!).

Enjoy your readings, devour all the books you can. Ignore that which is "filtered" and keep hold of the truths that resonate with you. YOU are as much a conduit as anyone else, even Gloria. That is why she does not simply spit out Godwritings (wonderful as they are) ... she SHARES her gift with all! She tells us all that we, too, can do this. And when we can't (or feel we can't), she is the ever-willing conduit through which our answers come. I have not asked a particular question of God through Gloria, but so many of her answers to the questions of others, as well as her Heavenletters and blogs, have held deep personal meaning to me.

I hope that you continue your search, learn to trust your own instincts and find your own truths.

Godde (God + Goddess) bless you and keep you.


Thanks to Nancy, I came to

Thanks to Nancy, I came to find Matthew's Messages, a well of radiant love and light. Matthew is Suzy Ward's deceased son who channels information about everything under the sun! And speaking about sun... Allow me to deviate a little.

I didn't know how harmless and innocent is the sun radiation, until I read the Pleiadians books that uncover many of the big,classified secrets. Matthew confirms that sun rays are only beneficial.

He, like the Pleiadians, says that the dark tyranny didn't want us to receive the valuable information contained in the intelligent sun rays, so they tried hard and managed to instil fear of skin cancer by insiduous, mind-controling marketing propaganda.

Thus,we are advised to get out in the sun, enjoy and anchor it's light without using sun-screen lotion. In fact,it is the lotions manufactured by dark-controlled conglomerates that cause cellular malfuction.

Another thing that I didn't know was that the hole in the ozone layer is a symptom of Earth's ascension and that there is no reason to worry about the global warming. The global warming is not caused only by the human hideous negligence, but is also the result of the light's victory over darkness, it's the result of the Creator sending help to Earth and to us.

Global warming is a process of installing a new climate that would be the same around all the countries of the New Earth. Of course, the melting of the ice will cause much trouble, but everything is done with a high purpose. The Golden Ages have arrived. Darkness is getting ousted and we will be the first to inhabit New Earth!

That was quite a deviation, but, you have to admit it was a positive one! :o)

Hi.. Matthew's Messages were


Matthew's Messages were the first time I had read messages from God. I am referring to the book series. God speaks a lot! I really like hearing from God!
I decided to make a valiant effort to go and learn myself how to Godwrite. It will take a lot on my end, but it's worth the effort!
By the way, as I get further into the Walsch book, it seems the messages are basically the same as I have read other places, so God IS sticking to His story!
I also have tried, "I Am" and it is working wonderfully! Thanks God!

Maybe going to the source will help my concerns, I'll just ask God myself!
Hope I'm blessed to hear form the Lord!

Nancy, You are the Lord!


You are the Lord! Don't put on a lordly air now! :o)

Don't you think that God who speaks to Walsch and through Matthew and Gloria looks lovely, when you look yourself at the mirror or when you eat breakfast or when you read Walsch? You are God with a woman's body,a pretty face, a lovely name, a nagging husband :o) who is also God, yet disguised in a man's appearance.

You remember the Truth from time to time, I'm positive, but as we all do, you get lost in the everyday life thinking that God lives in the skies and in any case, He is somewhere outside speaking to hand-picked people, like Gloria. You are hand-picked too, Nancy, because as Matthew-God says "This lifetime on Earth is a very special one, because this is the critical juncture where Earth and its people enter the Golden Age, therefore many were left out and a few, like you, were chosen to come in and serve consciously".

You said that you must take pains to learn Godwriting,while everything you write IS already God writing. Your last post is Godwriting. God is 24/7 inside you. He says hello everytime you have a good laugh, you make a positive thought, you see your past without judgement and so on. In fact, it is God who has to take pains to get a more frequent connection with you.

What have I just said? He? You? How can that be, when you are already One? See how I myself keep seeing you as separate from God? We all do that. It's the world of duality. Let's say nothing more and stay still to enjoy our divinity.

Love from Greece,

Dear Maria, You're really

Dear Maria,

You're really pretty groovy!


Thanks,Nancy! You can call

You can call me,whenever you need a sermon! :big

Love from Greece,

I “Book One” a few years

I “Book One” a few years ago and it was the starting point of my Spiritual journey.
I was at an all time low and remember stopping at an intersection and saw a “beggar” selling paintings.
I looked at him and remembered something of what you said that we are love and the same love is within us all. Looking at this man I contemplated this thought trying to accept this same wonderful love in all. The man looked at me put the paintings down came to my car window and said “God Bless you”.

For this I thank-you as it showed me a doorway into LOVE

I remembered you mentioned “a course in miracles” in your book. But now cannot find the reference again. Could you tell me if you ever referred to this at all if so where?

Much Love and appreciation

What a testament to God's

What a testament to God's words you are, dear Sharon. Wow! You looked into the eyes of a beggar, and he said, "God bless you." I hear his blessing still ringing through the universe. Thank you so much for sharing this.

To the best of my knowledge -- and I did just look too -- there is no reference to A Course in Miracles in Heavenletters, Love Letters from God, Book One.

You will find reference to A Course in Miracles in the Story of Heavenletters. It was definitely one of those signposts along the way. I was thirsty at the time, and God gave me water to drink, Sharon.

Dear Sharon, I do not find you on the data base as a subscriber to Heavenletters. Is it possible you are under a different name, or the data base is mistaken? If you do not yet subscribe to Heavenletters, will you subscribe? There is an extra thrill when Heavenletters go right to your Inbox and are ready for you there.

One more question for you. May we use your wonderful words about the book on the book page of the website? What you have written is outstanding, so simple, so heartfelt, so real. .

I sure hope you see this, angel.

With love and blessings,


P.S. Does everyone know to sign up to receive notices when there are responses to something on the forum? Do you see My Subscriptions on the right column here?

Adding more to my comment

Adding more to my comment above:

I just posted a Godwriting blog entry jumpstarted by Sharon's posting above. You can find it here:

I make a commitment in this blog entry.

Dearest Gloria, I wonder how

Dearest Gloria,

I wonder how I could have lost such a beautiful and deep meaningful posting !!! Well I just went to the Godwriting blog and I thank you with all my heart for sharing your heart with us and for the amazingly beautiful response God did bestow on Sharon !!

Love and blessings