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Can you Edit this book.

Dearest One,

I have been working on a book for some time now and I think the book is ready from my own side. I presently have a challenge getting an editor to help me edit the book.

I would like to work with anybody that can help me edit the book before it can be taken to the publisher.

The book title is; Love: "The Secret And Law Of Spirit Millionaires."

Lets discuss what is possible.

with gratitude and blessing


Will you tell more of what

Will you tell more of what your book is about so readers can see why you post your request here, and this may be helpful to you in motivating a Heavenreader to help you to edit.

Thank you very much Dearest

Thank you very much Dearest Gloria, This book is to help us understand and use the greatest gift from God "Love" in living a fulfilling life.

The main focus of the book is Love, how it can help us go beyond our seeming limitation, what it can do for us when all things seem to fail us, The healing power of love, Love as the greatest business tool and lots more.

I have been greatly inspired by Heaven Letters, and in this book I brought out what I feel is the greatest part of Heaven Letters to help me bring this book to life.

Even though you have been reading Heavenletters (I still read it and I urge you to always read it) this book will help us in handling most worrying issues of life.

Dearest it is how my heart feels. All my waking, all the words I read, all the heavenletters I recieved, everything has pointed towards me doing this project.

I will be glad to get this book published before the end of this year; can you help me do that.

with gratitude and blessing,


Dearest Ekene, sweet

Dearest Ekene, sweet angel,

you are doing WONDERFUL things and you are a wonderful and lovely instrument in God's hands. I would really love to help you, but unfortunately I'm not a publisher.

My prayers are with you and with your book, what a blessing you are dear Ekene !!

Love Light and Joy

Oh Dearest Berit, your

Oh Dearest Berit, your prayers are greatly recieved and I feel the great energy from you, very great angel.

The book has to be editted first before taking it to the publisher, so the first step is to edit the book and I think you don't need to be a publisher before you can edit the book.

what is needed is a person that can do the editing.

Thank you for your love.

with gratitude and blessing


Dear Ekene, you are doing so

Dear Ekene,

you are doing so goood!!!

I have an innocent interpretation, I think an editor should edit in his/her native language. Language is an infinite universe, or that is what I feel. ;)

At least, an editor should be competent at a language as perfectly as a native one... :Criying:



Dearest Engin, The language

Dearest Engin,

The language for this book is English, Maybe someone might want to translate it to other language, but first thing first. The book has to be publish before the translations.

Yes the editor has to be competent to handle the grammatical corrections and word placement in the book.

with gratitude and blessing


Ekene Angel, I may be dense,

Ekene Angel, I may be dense, with editing do you mean that it has to be typed to become a file ? since I am replying here now I can't read your original posting, is it in english ? Is there any way in which this Heavenfamily can assist you ?

God bless you

Dearest Berit, the book is

Dearest Berit, the book is already typed, what need to be done is to edit the book for grammatical error, word placement, readabilty, typographical error and a better packaging to make the book a success for the reader.

And the book is written in English language.

Yes our great HeavenFamily can assist by a competent person helping to edit the book, and also helping to get this book to a publisher.

I trust we can do it.

with gratitude and blessing


Dearest Ekene, I don't know

Dearest Ekene,

I don't know if this here can be of any help to you, but I just thought of you, so here it is:

"Randy Peyser performs "Book Appendectomies" to get the book inside of you out. She is the owner of Author One Stop, a national publishing consulting firm,, where she helps people to get their books edited and into the hands of agents and publishers (or to self-publish). She is the creator of the "Write-A-Book Program" and the "Internet Publicity Directory." She also specializes in online book promotion. Randy is the author of "Crappy to Happy," and the upcoming book, "The Power of Miracle Thinking."

it comes from

Love and blessings to you dear !

I know Randy Peyser. She

I know Randy Peyser. She interviewed me once for an article. I know her by email and phone.
I have no doubt that she is excellent, but very expensive. Ekene needs a volunteer. Keep asking, dear Ekene. Maybe post some of your book.

I am no expert on grammar or

I am no expert on grammar or punctuation but I am willing to read your book and comment on it or make suggestions. Maybe this will help as a start. I have also a friend who is an editor. I can approach her with questions too. I hope this helps.
Love, Veronika

You are an angel,

You are an angel, Veronika.
God bless you!
With love, Gloria

Dearest Vernika, I'm so glad

Dearest Vernika,

I'm so glad you offer you help - what a blessing !!!! Thank you !!!!


Wow!!! Thank you Dearest

Wow!!! Thank you Dearest Angels, your have been amazing and your support have been so wonderful. Veronika thank you very much loving one, I'm glad you offered to help me in achieving this success.

I'm glad to tell you that Annie another wonderful angel has offered to help me edit the book and she is on top of it now.

Yes, this is all your love, and great intensions for this book to come alive. I'm very very greatful.

I will be telling you more about this book and posting some parts of the book as a preview.

With gratitude and blessing.