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Must-see Godwriting

The book is Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert.

On the blog , you will find two entries about this delightful book where the author discovers God and Godwriting. I guarantee you will laugh!

And laughter is the best medicine, isn't it!

Many thanks dear angel,

Many thanks dear angel,

will have a look as soon as possible. Indeed, laughter is the best medicine, once you really start you can't stop either, you go on and on for the most incredible things to laugh.
Many times when I was at school we couldn't just stop and I was sent out of class a good many times ....
:p :big

Love Laughter to all !

Dearest Gloria I have just

Dearest Gloria

I have just bought the book. :thumbup:

Now I am reading it.

love you


I am very grateful to you

I am very grateful to you dear Gloria, for mentioning the book "Eat, Pray and Love" from Elisabeth Gilbert!

You were right, I laughed a lot :big :big :big through the book but it also, touched, amazed, inspired, encouraged, liberated, reassured, entertained ……….me. There is so much that can be said about this book, but the best is to read it, and for each one, to take from it what is most valuable to each one.

Today…..serendipity; I happened to watch the ‘Oprah show”, which I very rarely do, and guess who was the guest?....... Elisabeth Gilbert! She is as beautiful as she comes across in the book, a radiant being. The show revolved around other women who were inspired by her book and what actions they took.

Thanks again and much love,

Dear ladies, yes this is a

Dear ladies,

yes this is a good book, I laugh alot, actually I have been still laughing because I have been still reading it --- for 3 weeks. ( Long live the book ) I have been reading it for 3 weeks because the copy I had bought has the smallest letter size ever published in this planet. ;)

With a great apetite I sit down to read this beautiful book then my eyes are watering and I begin to see non-existing flying little creatures around, then a headache hits so and so. :Criying:

Lesson of the day: One should not jump on to a book - no matter how beautiful and attractive it is- and one should check the font size of the letters. :?



Dearest Engin, YOU MAKE

Dearest Engin, :big

YOU MAKE ME LAUGH !!!!! :thumbup:

Surely the book you buy will have a better look at the font size of the letters !! 8)

Love :blushing:

What actions did they take,

What actions did they take, Xenia?

And Canim Engin, how dare they publish a book in such small print. There should be a law against it!

Gloria you ask what action

Gloria you ask what action they took?
Mostly it had to do with allowing time out for themselves or finding their joys/passion and act upon them.

There was one, who always wanted to participate in a marathon but never dared and found the courage after reading the book and ended up participating in one.

Another lady had converted her closet (it was a big one) into her sanctuary where she would take refuge in her hectic life. She had been embarrassed by it and kept it a secret from everybody until she read the book and that gave her confidence to feel good about it and speak openly about it.

A young married women, was living the life that was expected of her from the people around her and didn’t feel fulfilled. Elisabeth’s account, gave her the courage and the desire to create a list of all the things that she would enjoy doing for herself like, learn a new language, sport activity,….(I forget exactly what was on the list) and has started on fulfilling those desires.

Another one, traveled to Bali because she wanted to meet the medicine man and indeed found him! (There was a photograph of both of them). She also found Wayan the healer and said that they both were exactly as Elisabeth had described them.

A young woman who called herself an atheist, found it easier to accept the notion of a God and was discovering her own spirituality.

Remember Richard the Texan? He was amongst the audience. He gave his view on what a ‘soul mate’ means: it is usually the person that mirrors those areas in you, which you don’t want to face until you do and do something about it. To him, a ‘soul mate’ is not the romantic, ‘forever lover’, that for many is believed to be.

Does that answer your question?
Next, you will be on Oprah! :thumbup: That is definitely a possibility, don’t you think so? :)

Love, :wub:

These are really beautiful

These are really beautiful actions that people took. I especially loved the one of the lady who had her sanctuary in the closet!

I really wish I could have seen Richard. Wasn't he a delight? By the way, that is also Carolyn Myss' definition of soul mate!

The Heaven Show on Oprah?

My vision is having you, Xenia, Santhan, translators, and other strong Heavenletter supporters appear on the show. You would represent Heavenletters beautifully. Far better than I ever could. Besides, I would much rather watch the show than be on it!

You are a jewel!

:big :big :big

You are a jewel! :wub: