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Beyond Himalayas

I think this book by Murdo MacDonald-Bayne is a very interesting book for one to read. I found it very interesting because it went beyond belief, dogma, and religion. Maybe you will like to read this wonderful book called Beyond Himalayas and Yoga of Christ.

You can get the ebook version of the book free here


In Nigeria.

Thank you so much,dear

Thank you so much,dear Ekene! May God always help you help others!

Love from Greece,


Beloved Ekene, Perhaps you

Beloved Ekene,

Perhaps you would tell us about the book you are putting together for the people of your country! And tell us more about yourself, will you?

So happy you are posting here now.

Perhaps you will also write comments under the Heavenletters as well. You are so perceptive and insightful.

Because of something that happened recently, I think I'd better take this opportunity to tell everyone that the forum is not for promoting any book or service. This is important because if we were to have book promotions, then this wouldn't be a Heaven forum any longer. I think many of us are bombarded elsewhere with promotions and advertising.

The next question might be: Why then do I, Gloria, ask Ekene to tell us more about the book he is writing?

Ekene is putting together a Heavenletter book!

Ekene, you have been an inspiration to me, and others will enjoy you so much!

With love and blessings,