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Can I put a word in for my own book? Please feel free to delete this post if it is not allowed.

'Who Do You Say I Am' is an inspirational non-fiction journey through
prayer. Communication with God, brings communion with God. We all find out who we are because of who God is.

Propelled by a vision that lasted for several days & the prayers that followed explaining the vision, plus so much more. Simple, heart felt,
and totally understandable. It will strengthen your inner being, and bring comfort in its truth and honesty.

You can find 'Who Do You Say I Am' at:

It is all about 'being' the change you want to see in the world today.
Thank you so much. Here's to a peaceful 2007 new year.

C.L. Mareydt


A peaceful New Year to you too.
You certainly arouse my spiritual curiosity. The words on your website resonate with my own feelings, so I think I must read your book as well.
Thanks for bringing it out here on the forum.