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My Truth Is You


Appoint your Self
Worthy of My Love
I already Have
Always shall it Be
There is no below You are not above
You Are Free
In whatever form
Is an old piece of clothing, torn
That need no longer be worn
Put on the loose but perfect fitting, "New"
Of the, "and how"
That My Truth
Is You

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

I love your wonderful, sweet

I love your wonderful, sweet and soft loving heart ! Simply wonderful the way you bring us God's love !

Big hugs to you Angel

Thanks for Everything!

Thanks for Everything! Berit...Though all God's Gifts are equal in measure...there's nothing, no one i appreciate more...Than You...My personal, Our collective, God Sent Treasure...michael :)

"Appoint your Self Worthy

"Appoint your Self
Worthy of My Love"

There is so much power and truth, in these words alone, worth taking to heart! It is up to us to recognize, accept and become aware of God's encompassing Love.

Time to leave old misconceptions, beliefs and habits; like old cloths.

In with the "New", that You and I and God are One!

Thanks Michael, for those insights!

Thanks, to U 2

Thanks, to U 2 Xenia...michael :)

Love it Mike! Mary xoxoxo

Love it Mike!