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The All Of My Life


I never rest
In life's "best"
Nor while there still remains belief in upset
And yet
I'm always rested
For, I Am
The dynamic tranquility
The balanced activity
Of Perfect Rest
Fear, dis-ease, actions unruly
These don't put Me at ease
Nor do they overly concern Me
In the Greatest overall fashion, I See
I'm the epitome of Being
At peace
I Am
Intrinsic Peace
This Truth
Is You
Like Blue
Is True
When describing the sky
Instead of identifying with some false frame of mind
We Are
The Same
You and I
You come into Your own
Your Home
My Life
By stopping to try
To own
In ceasing to nurture and sow
The belief, the lie
That, that which is Light
Could really be darkened
In anger or fright
Come unto Your already Home
Right Here
Right Now
It's alright
All is fine
Closer are We than words can describe
In your terminology
The phrase is
By My Side
In Our Eternal-ology
You're Way Is
The All of My Life

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008

"Closer are We than words

"Closer are We than words can describe"

Yes indeed Mike!
SHe is the very breath that we breathe
There is no separation, except in our minds!

Much Love to you gentle heart!