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Sacred Kiss

Within me now
I feel Pure love
That emanates
From Holy Dove

Nectar sweet
Doth fill the air
My Love draws close
With Love to share

I feel His Presence
In my Soul
My Spirit soars
I am now whole

Love Divine
Within without
With Light I shine

Such joy untold
In silent bliss
Content in Love
His Being kiss

He stirs within
My heart and Soul
Pure Energy
All to console

Eternal Flame
Of All That Is
My lips meet Thine
In sacred kiss


Mary...Oh so sweet. Thank

Mary...Oh so sweet. Thank you so much! Jim(i)

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Divine! (I am lacking words


(I am lacking words here. How do you describe perfection?)

Mary, thank you for sharing and thank you for beeing here!


Dearest Mary, I am totally

Dearest Mary,

I am totally lost in awe !! Overwhelming Divine Love, my God, you are a most sweet blessing !!

Thank you for sharing.

Love and Joy to you dear

Beloved ones, The beauty and

Beloved ones,

The beauty and Love that you feel,
Is but a reflection of the beauty and Love within your own Souls
That shines like a wondrous glorious sun
Its radiance to all extols

In Love, Joy & gratitude