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In My Mind's Eye


So much of the time, My Kids
You're all
All over the place in your minds
Allow for settling down a bit
Then, all the way
As if
This moment is your "high on life"
Which it IS
Take a sip, drink it all in
Relax today
Warm up to the Light
Breathe with it
Be with it
You Are It
Ease into the day
Feel My Embrace
Celebrate My Way
Open up
Hear what I Say
Like the most comfortable garment
Let this perfectly fit
In My Mind's Eye
There's room for all
All stand tall, seeing otherwise is really the "fall"
For no one fell in My Kind Health
Life isn't a test
It's more like a play
If You wish, rewrite your parts
In stone, only freedom is set
Dream, without the regrets
Thoughtfulness has it's place
Yet so does play
Like it is with Life
You Are Light
More than you seem
Start with the Heart
In My Love's Timing
You're right on time
Be presently aware
Sing and dance with flare
Be fair
Fly through the air
Let down your hair
Your hearts desire will come true
Every time
As You insightfully live
From the Truth
That this Is The Gift
To All My Children, I did perfectly Give
Heaven's Delight
Eternal Life
Yours...As You

Copyright (c) Divine Love c/o Michael Mayer 2008