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Whispers of Love

You come to me in whispers
Of Love upon the breeze
You come to me in waves
Of Love upon the seas

You come to me in sunlight
In rays of Light so pure
You walk with me across the land
As One our Souls do soar

I hear Your voice within my heart
It echoes Love's refrain
Born of Cosmic Waters
Your song doth wax and wane

Its melody delights my Soul
In rapture I am stilled
Symphonic sounds of Love Divine
With joy my chalice filled

In timelessness our Spirits' meet
Beyond the sea of time
Thoughts of Love in silence heard
Conveyed in sacred rhyme

For Love Is All There Is it's true
It Is The Source of Life
It brings such joy and happiness
Dismissing earthly strife

It feeds the heart and feeds the Soul
And lifts the Spirit high
Bourn on wings of Love Itself
My Soul in Love doth fly


Beautiful, inspiring,

Beautiful, inspiring, uplifting, joyous, poetic,................... as always, Mary!

Another gift, that I welcome graciously and thankfully!

Oh bless you dearest Xenia ~

Oh bless you dearest Xenia ~ thank you so much!

I love scatterring gifts of Love everywhere!

Much Love and many Blessings to you ~




Oh Mary, I am speachless at

Oh Mary,

I am speachless at the divine beauty and love that you flock on us so gently !!!!
God's love is really the sweetest and tender and romantic love there is, it is beyond our wildest dreams.

You are an Angel, thank you dear !!


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You must be the poet written

You must be the poet written about here:

The poet of the Golden Time!

One Love

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