Must You Pretend Otherwise?

God said:

It is the love of God that sustains you. You believe in energy. You believe in the energy of the sun. The energy of God is love. In truth, love is the only energy there is. The energy of love is light. The energy of light is love. Love is an energy that exists beyond compare, beyond contrast. Yet you will hold up mere anger and hostility next to love and consider them equals. You consider negativity the underside or reverse side to love. That is like holding up a 15-watt light bulb to the sun and saying that the light bulb, when lit, can be compared to the sun.

There is no opposite to love. Negative emotions don’t hold a candle to love. You might as well compare the universe to a gnat. There is no opponent of love because there is none worthy. In a boxing match, a lightweight is not put up against a heavyweight.

And yet light is as light as air. Light is light. Everything has names. No matter what its name, everything is what it is.

Bread is bread. However it is formed, whatever its particular design, it is bread.

We can say that I kneaded you like bread. Love was the dough I rolled out. I had one name for you, and that was love. I, the Origin of Love, have one recipe with one ingredient, and that is love. If you like, consider Earth the oven I bake you in. I know, that you will come out the same as you were when I put you in the oven. Whatever temperature you bake at, you will still be love. Love is the leaven of life. There is no other.

The common denominator of life is love. There is no going back. You can falter, try to retrace steps, make up other names for yourself, but you are irrevocably love.

You only think you can pique love. You can stick pins in it, you can throw tomatoes at it, you can shoot it with a BB gun, but you cannot ruffle one feather of love. You can stomp on it, walk away from it, bury it, yet you cannot disband it. You can fight it – and haven’t you? – and still you cannot knock it out. It is as if love were a stone wall, and you keep hitting your head on it.

But, of course, love is not a stone wall. Love is love and nothing but love. It was ever so.

All this world you see, and all the words you use, rose up from love. Love is the Source of All. Love is your Source. It is your Godhead. You may think anger fuels you. It is love that fuels you. It is love even that fuels your anger. Anger is simply an attempt to put love aside. You think you are good at it, substituting anger for love but you are only good at the illusion. Abandon the illusion that you can be anything but love. Stop fighting love. Walk away from a fight that is not yours and that you cannot possibly win. Love has already won. You cannot even hold it at arm’s length. Now, My beloved, uphold love. Drop everything else, and claim the love that is already yours. Must you pretend otherwise?

You may fool yourself. You may fool the whole world, but you do not fool Me. In order to gain, you have to give, yet what is there to gain when you are already love? So there is nothing to do but acknowledge love. And so you acknowledge yourself by giving love.

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It is the love of God that

It is the love of God that sustains you.