The Light of Pure Being

God said:

Because you wear a body, you think you are diminished. You would like to rise above your body, get out of its density, not have to bother with it, for it seems to keep your feet stuck to Earth. At the same time, you are attached to your body, as if it is the making of you, and yet, sometimes, in an unguarded moment, you know better. No matter what you tell yourself, you know better.

Admittedly, if you had no body, you would not have feet to touch the ground. You wouldn't have arms to reach out to Heaven either, you feel. You are into the chase. Yet, beyond body, you would know, once and for all, that you are Pure Being. And you would leap in joy that whatever form you find yourself in, you are pure Being. With or without body, you are Pure Being. You are My Pure Being. Come over to My way of thinking.

Let Us say for a moment that you are a sweet almond. Placed on top of a cookie or still hanging on the tree branch, you are, nevertheless, a sweet almond. Encased in your shell or broken out of it, you are a sweet almond. Blanched, sliced, chopped, you are still sweet almond. Flavored with tamari or honey, you are still sweet almond. Sweet almond you were born, and sweet almond you can only be, and sweet almond you are.

Try as you may, you cannot make an almond into a hickory nut. An almond is an almond, and the Light of Pure Being is the Light of Pure Being. You are the Light of Pure Being. And yet you keep imagining that you are less. Time and time again, you go through hoops to prove you are less.

There is nothing you have to prove. You don't have to prove you are Pure Being. You do not have to prove that you are not.

When you try to prove something, you look for evidence. You look for evidence in order to convince someone that something is so. It is yourself you try to convince.

When you look at the evidence that you are Pure Being, you turn away from it. You find it easier to prove what is not so. You would prove that you are less than Pure Being. There is something that makes you avert your eyes from the Pure Light that you are made of. Perhaps you think being Pure Being is a great responsibility, that you would have to live up to something. I ask that you live up to what you are, and how you live up to what you are is to acknowledge it, stop fighting it, accept, give up the false images, let go of them, unmask yourself to yourself. If you have put on a muddied dress, remove it. A muddied dress says nothing about you except that you have put in on. You are, no matter what, the Being of Pure Light that I conceived.

I concede that you have done a good job of concealing this from yourself and the world. A whole world has convinced itself of this. The world is convinced that it is populated with lesser beings, and so it makes a curriculum of lesser-ness. And you have followed right in line.

And now I ask you to lead the line and change its direction. There is nobility. There is nobility of action, and there is the nobility of birth. Everyone comes from a great lineage. Everyone has descended from Me, and now I urge you to arise to Me. Throw off the ungainly clothes you have donned. Throw off all that masquerade. The masquerade ball is over. Life begins.