Oneness of Heart

God said:

I am God, and you contain Godness within you. By "you" I refer to this individuality that you believe in so much. This "you" is the pitter-patter of little feet. Your individuality is a story made up. When all is said and done, it is not true, for all of relative life is an illusion.

When you read a good novel, it is as if true. To the characters in the novel, it is also as if true. As if true is not the same as true. True to life is not the same as Truth. Only Truth is Truth. And the truth is: You do not exist as a separate Being.

It certainly seems as if you do. It can seem all you want, but seeming and Being are not the same.

You feel crushed to consider that your individuality is not bona-fide. Of course, it is bona-fide individuality, but it is not Truth. Truth is stranger than fiction, and the truth is that you are universality rather than individuality.

Ego is perhaps the bridge between the individual and Oneness. The land the bridge is on is called Earth. Consider Earth a hunting ground, and what you hunt for is the Truth. Naturally you look for meaning in your Earth life. I, God, am the meaning. I am your meaning. When all the covers are removed from you, I AM. When all is said and done, here, I AM.

Is the shell of an almond the almond? It is only the shell. The complete almond lies within the shell. The shell is only a coat. You wear coats of many colors, but you are not the coats you wear. And you are not the stories you tell. Within the stories lies the Truth of you, and the Truth of you is the same as the Truth of Me.

It is fine to think of Me as a Great God in the Sky that you can admire and be in awe of. It is fine to think of something greater than your individuality. You know there is greater. That is a good thing to know. Soon you will recognize that the same Greatness lies within your heart. Your heart is the essence of you. Of course, I abide everywhere, and I abide everywhere within you. Consider that your heart is My starting place. I am everywhere inside and outside of the imagined "you". At the same time I occupy your heart. Your heart is like a sweet almond within a sweet almond.

Your heart is more than the physical heart. Of course, it is. It has to be. The physical is illusion, yet the kernel of your heart is Truth. You have a soul, and, for a while, it is housed in your heart, this heart of hearts.

Your heart is like a butterfly. It is lighter than a butterfly.

Your heart sings a beautiful song. Your heart sings a solo, beloveds. Not that you sing alone, but there is One Song alone to sing, one Love Song, one aria of love, One Heart, One-Heartedness, One note held for all the world to hear. Listen. Hear it now. My heart beats in yours. You hear not your beat but the One that is Mine, and therefore yours. "Mine" and "yours" are words, and words are made up, but Our Oneness of Heart is true.