The Book of Your Heart

God said:

The love in your heart is always there. You may ignore it, denounce it, flail against it, but the love in your heart is firm. Like a good soldier, love in your heart is disciplined and stands at attention without moving a muscle. The soldier of love in your heart does not vacate his place. Yet I never assigned your heart to be a soldier on sentry duty. Your heart was not intended to be on guard.

Let your heart become a vacationer, carefree, touring, traveling, enjoying, ready for adventure, ready to explore, ready for new avenues to walk down.

Let your heart go on a cruise. Let it recline on a deckchair, enjoy the sun and the sea, restful, peaceful yet ready at the drop of a hat to leap onto shore and see what treasures are there to behold.

Let your heart be Columbus and discover a new land. Let your heart discover itself, how mighty and vast it is.

Your heart is not a closed book. Open it. Let the pages see the light of day. Let the fresh air ruffle the pages. Let the book of your heart open to the sun and the stars and the moon and all that the universe holds in store for it.

Let your heart open wide. Let your heart roar like a lion. Let your heart welcome lambs. Let your heart be an archer rife with arrows of love coming and going, arrows voluminous, never sharp, never hurting, arrows like soft rain.

Open your heart the way you open your mouth wide at the dentist’s, or the way an opera singer sings and holds a note. Yes, let notes of love flow from your mouth to bless the world.

Let love emanate from your eyes. Let your eyes be spotters of love. Let your eyes of love alight everywhere. Let them be like cushions of love that soften all hurt.

Be My instrument of love.

As My child, it is for you to grant love, nor grab it, nor hoard it, nor save it, nor imprison it, nor duel with it, but it is for you to pour it out to the world. Start a silent avalanche of love. Is it such a hard task I give you to be an instrument of My love?

It is not enough not to inflict pain. Love is waiting for you to give it. Have mercy on love and free it from your heart. When love is locked in your heart, moss grows there like on the north side of a tree. Let your heart recognize itself and go out into the sun. Loosen your heart. It is a heart of love. Shake the cobwebs out of your heart.

Did you really think your heart was to hold things in? Did you really think it was made to hold peeves, resentments, recriminations and such stiffness? Did you not know that your heart was made of God’s gold, given to you to use, given to you to wield, given to you to emit like the rays of the sun?

Let the gold in your heart become molten. Let it melt all hearts. Let your heart be a pitcher of love that pours itself out in a perpetual stream of itself.

Your heart is set for outpouring, yet the more you pour love from your heart, the more your heart fills itself. Only giving can fill your heart. Has this been unknown to you? Have you not known the thrill of pouring out your heart as you would pour an infinite pitcher of cream?

Wherever you go today, remember you are on a mission for Me. And your mission is to strew love abundantly. Love is your stock in trade. Nothing else is.

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Thank you for all of the

Thank you for all of the beautiful thoughts. I appreciate the inspiration that I recieve from all of the Heaven Letters.

Dear Janet, you are most

Dear Janet, you are most assuredly welcome. Please post more!

With love and blessings,