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This Moment, Sublime


There's nothing to force
For this step
This breath
Is our course
Nothing's rushed
In this Love of Us
This connective Source
In Me, in You
We're Presence
Forever anew
So there's plenty of time
In fact, Now Is the only Time
To take in
To savor
To touch
In this moment, sublime
Our vibrant hush
Our abundance, lush
No longer concealed

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2008

So beautiful! I feel such

So beautiful!

I feel such Joy for you Mike!




Sweetest Poet, thank you

Sweetest Poet,

thank you for making my heart beating faster while reading God's and our Glory.

Love and blessings

Once U both and

Once U both and all that are Here...on this beautiful site that reminds...what is truly is to Love...a multitude of thank you's....mike:)