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The Dance of LIfe

There comes a point
In all of our lives
When we realise the truth of our being

It sets us all free
From dogma and rules
To soar above all that we're seeing

For truth has no ties
It's joyous and free
It's boundless unlimited Pure Love

It gives us the freedom
To fly on Love's wings
To soar in great joy up above

We expand into 'isness'
Outside time and space
It's a feeling of joy and delight

It's hard to describe
In mere mortal words
It's a feeling that all is just right

A knowingness dawns
That's born from the heart
It's beyond the confines of the mind

And as you fly free
You gather to thee
All Souls who are of the same kind

So dance ye in joy
To Love's wondrous tune
Its melody fills heart and Soul

And as you do
You draw unto you
Other fragments of Pure Divine Whole

The puzzle completes
As each piece is placed
And new image is gently unfurled

Slowly but surely
All pieces are found
To create a wondrous new world

So if you feel you don't fit
It's a sure sign of growth
It means you are changing and growing

Let it all be OK
Trust in your Self
Go with it wherever it's going

Let go and let God
Guide you back Home
To The One Heart of Love over flowing




Wow...Mary...Wow...i'm always inspired by what you write...profundity...that brings me back simultaneously to simplicity...TY...mike:)

Oh bless you Mike ~ thank

Oh bless you Mike ~ thank you!

This one came to me in the middle of the night, after I had been reading some of the beautiful comments posted here by all the wonderful Souls who frequent this Heavenly place!

Lots of Love and hugs to you