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You Are

and so it would seem, that this new year is marking subtly yet distinctly, a new type of writing that's coming, not so much from but through, "me" I lay down the old and welcome the New...of my, of our...Greatest peace...miguel


Come unto Me
Yet already are You, Here
Be at peace in Me
Yet Now, always this is Your Truth
Point being
You are Beingness
In all times and places
With and In
From and Of
Which creates all form of spaces
You Are

(though i've never been one for copyrights in the first place, for like the american indians would say, no one owns, we're all shepherding, here to care for and share, that which from God is sown...and to further attest to this truth...the copyright that i use, may soon have to change...but for now, i'll keep it the same)

Copyright (c) Michael Mayer 2007

Love this one Mike! They're

Love this one Mike!

They're all lovely, but this is 'special'.
It has a different energy!

May every living moment, birth a new awareness of your wondrous Divine Self




I really love this !!

I really love this !! Wonderful New Year celebration !!


Greetings, dear Miguel on

Greetings, dear Miguel on this new day!

It is a joy to read and absorb the writings that you share with us and to witness your Divine Self, coming more and more to the forefront. Thank you for beeing here!

With much gratitude and love,

Thanks Mary and Berit and

Thanks Mary and Berit and Xenia...for your kind comments and beautiful hearts, souls, minds...shining through...i do feel a newness, indeed...i have this most wondrous feeling of God wanting, coming through me to express His/Her love of and in humanity...there is to be one every day...short, sweet and to the point...and i am to assist in this's quite exciting...i'm honored and delighted and by the end of the year it'll be perhaps "my" first book released...we'll see...that's just the impression i'm getting...otherwise, the joy is in the everyday sprinkles that remind, that bring upon the tingles, of our Already love...with everyone on this site and in this world and everywhen and where....mike :big

I'm cheering you

I'm cheering you on............

Go............. Mike ...................GO(D)!!!! :thumbup:


Yeahhh!!! Well done Mike ~ I


Well done Mike ~ I am absolutely delighted for you!



You Ladies all

You Ladies all coooool....and so are u Guys too...much appreciated...mike:)