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Miracles are easy!

I read the topic for this forum of "personal miracles", and my first thought was that meant something rare, I wonder if I have ever had any? But then I consider what is a miracle but a beautiful thought? A new light, a new way of seeing things pops into existence and a burden has just been lifted. The world isn't quite so heavy.

Right now I can choose to think only beautiful thoughts. I can feel the nature of a thought before I allow it to flow. If a thought blesses me or others, it is a miracle. There is a cause and effect, and the effect is obvious and potent. Worlds change around us. There is nothing that a beautiful thought cannot accomplish. As I allow myself to find a beautiful, energizing, fulfulling thought about any situation, to my surprise the situation comes to me differently the next time. It's as if the thought moves throughout the world and the world responds delightfully. I don't have to resolve a complicated situation because it just resolved itself perfectly!

I feel we are all wonderfully gifted with the power to perform miracles! They are easy and available right now and apply to all situations equally well. I get to experience a wonderful world blessing me in return for the thoughts I have blessed it with.

Right now I am especially grateful for I feel blessed by the words I read here, and I cannot help but share this blessing with everyone.

Thanks, Aaron. And are not

Thanks, Aaron. And are not you a miracle, and all of us miracles? Sometimes it feels that each moment is a miracle. And here we correspond across oceans and continents -- what a miracle. Actually you come from Massachusetts where I was born. Where in Massachusetts do you live, do you mind my asking? We have great connection than that yet I feel glad.

My full name is Aaron

My full name is Aaron Biddle. I was born in Fall River, MA and right now that's where I am. I've lived in a lot of different places though. I like how welcome I feel as you write to me. I like seeing the importance of relating well to all my family in this world, and I like the idea that everyone is my family. There's no need for strangers. I like noticing more clearly a sense of barriers and closeness, and that all the barriers I feel are my responsibility because I have to be holding up my end. I like that as I become willing to know each person with my whole heart I get to know myself in the process.

I also like the idea that each of us is God's miracle to the world to show its wholeness to itself. And I am so thankful for people like you intentionally speeding up the process just a bit!

I feel so blessed by you, thank you!

What a beautiful answer!

What a beautiful answer! Thank you so much. I remember Fall River. Not far from Springfield, MA.

Are not all who come to Heavenletters speeding up the process? Hmm, do I do it intentionally? I'm not sure of that, but I am compelled to do what I do.

You know, God referred to me as His donkey! "God's Donkey who pulls a cart delivering His messages!" I tell you I am honored.