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Heavenletter #1102 Today Alone

This HL is what Gloria sent me, and it felt just soo right!

Below is what I wrote to Gloria:

Since I was last in contact with you by mail, "everything has become new to me". I've had my challenges, and I'm grateful with all my heart for these vital heavenletters from God.

I see that God has answered me clearly on my desire to grow in consciousness!

Not according to my "will or intention" but by God's will.

I want to convey that I am deeply grateful! I can not live according to God's will, while I follow "my will."

I do not want to spend my life trying to love anymore, but - BE love.

I will take responsibility and forego blame.

I will not stand in the way of the blessings the universe has for me, and my path to full consciousness.


With love and gratitude from Norway.


The way you word your

The way you word your thoughts made an impression on me.

You said: "I cannot live according to God's will, while I follow 'my will.'" The way you said it, from a slightly different angle, Kristian. really stopped me in my tracks. It is so beautiful what you wrote. Thank you for posting, dear one.

Dearest Kristian, your words

Dearest Kristian,

your words overflow with God's Love, I feel so blessed that you are here now.

Love from Italy to Norway

Yes, Italy and Norway are as

Yes, Italy and Norway are as close as our hearts.