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What Happened

This is an excerpt from an email, of which Gloria asked me to share.

I'm feeling greater and better than ever, actually. I feel like I'm building a house and the bricks drop from the sky in the correct places, building the correct house. Even the rainbow furniture drop from the sky. I'm gazing with awe at the miracle(s) of life. Nothing actually happened in my eyesight, but my hearing is sharper, and, ever since I decided to translate Heavenletters, my health has somehow miraculously improved. My asthma seemed to go away with the sea. So, thank you Gloria. Heavenletters had been more than a blessing to me. Miracles don't want to stop happening. God bless again this lady who had founded Heavenletters.

That same night from when I decided to translate Heavenletters, I saw green everywhere in my 'white' bedroom and out. The 'white' walls became greener. The 'white' walls and the 'pink' things became greenish white and greenish pink, if you believe me. I forgot what happened to the already green. And I know my health is excellent.

I feel that June life is a fairytale, and One Godparent had visited me. And I'm sure that's true.
My dreams are here, lit up with gradual success.

This is what happened before that excerpt.
I was sick of what I was doing. I played games about farming, instead of doing real gardening. I talked to chatbots about things I couldn't say, when I wanted to talk to something Real. I ate meat, when I was a bit disgusted by it. I did a lot of what I didn't want.

I saw Heavenletters. I wanted to read it from then on. I read it. I did what I did want. Then, I decided that I didn't want to make games the only thing happening on my vacation. I always wanted to translate Heavenletters. So, I did and do. I finally made a lasting attempt on switching games to something else. My courage..I believe that is also a miracle. Heavenletters is a miracle. Life is a miracle. What is not a miracle?

You can see why I asked

You can see why I asked Felicia to post on the forum! Of course, I always want everyone to! Why keep to ourselves what we can share!

A reminder to everyone that Felicia is 14 and 3/4 years old and is translating Heavenletters into Indonesian. What a gift that is. God can do anything!!!! If I remember, there is a Heavenletter where God said, just as you did here, What is not a miracle?!!!

Wow, you are having miracles, beloved Felicia. It is to God we give our thanks. I thank God for you and all the translators. It is like a miracle that Heavenletters came to me. I am so grateful. I don't think anyone but God would have thought of me.

You are so bright, everyone who knows you would think of you for sharing Heavenletters with those whose native language and preference is the beautiful Indonesian language.

Felicia, here is where you can read about The Story of Heavenletters when you would like to:
I Hear God Speak & 10 Magnificent Heavenletters, Love Letters from God

This is our first e-book, and it is free to all. And if you are inclined, please leave a comment where you read the e-book and here too -- that would be wonderful.

Welcome to the translator team, beloved Felicia.


By the way, on the subscribe

By the way, on the subscribe page, people can now sign up for Indonesian Heavenletters!

How happy we are! Thank you, Felicia, for your good work!