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i am love,

the firts of all i want to thank God and Gloria to spray of heavenletter in the world,
when i meith en heavenleeter, i was there of forum whith Neale Donald Walsch,
one of member of the forum he brought the heavenletter when i read the heavenletter,
God hes writteng of my of life when i was 7years old the time i m sertching of God,
i was cry the time, because its borning my feet in the hot wether,
that letter, i read, i feel shock because its here in the earth, i feel like
i feel like i fly in heaven, when i add comment of heavenletter, i can not even
fresented to Gloria who iam because i am so happy, heavenletter, its reley mean
to me in my life,,why i love so much to spray heavenleeter to the people, because
i want to the people to belive God exsis in to our life, some people the dont
belive God or not just onley i do my job,,
why i do my job,? its that the way i feel to help God and Gloria to spray
heavenletter to the people, God exiss to thers life and love,

Beloved Carmen, you are

Beloved Carmen, you are simply devoted to God. When you were seven years old, you were searching for God.

I was in my forties before I wanted God!

You are always an inspiration, Carmen.