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this is a miracle.. I am new to this site.. GODBLESS <3 <3 <3

And how welcome you, you are

And how welcome you, you are love! It's a miracle that you are here! How did you find Heavenletters?

via my Son

Hello Gloria,
so pleased to be here! I came accross heavenletters via the link that my son ahd sent me. A miracle indeed to have a son who is so very in touch with all the good things happening right now :-)
I love to read letters from heaven, they give me so much insight to which direction my path in this life is going to be :-)
Lots of Love and Blessings <3

Very beautiful! I would like

Very beautiful! I would like to thank your son.

Good morning 2U.

Who is behind those reading these words I come back 2 2day?

Johnny, this is Gloria. Are you the son referred to in the message above yours from some time ago?

I just didn't understand your message. Please give some context to your message.

Your name is familiar. I was unable to find you on the data base.