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With Love and Blessings...

Hello eveveryone!

I made a little card for you all in the form of a photo, but couldn't seem to get it posted!
so I've pasted it on to one of my blank web pages instead...

Lots of Love and hugs to our Divine Heavenly Father God,
to our Divine Earthly Mother,
to the divine child,
to dearest angel Gloria,
to her Superman Santhan,
to all the helpers & translators,
to all of the posters,
to all of the readers,
and indeed to the whole Universe Itself!!!

Thank you so much for the pleasure of your divine company.
It's an honour to know you all!

I hope you all have a wondrous Christmas!




Oh Mary, this is HEAVEN !!!

Oh Mary, this is HEAVEN !!! so beautiful the Angel child !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
A wonderful Christmas to you and a 2008 full of LOVE AND JOY !

Big big hugs to you

Thank you Mary...a delight

Thank you Mary...a delight and joy to know you.! Thank you for your divine presence and heartfelt contributions to this web site. jim and Jimi.

Each Country of the world is like a sacred prayer bead...held lightly and lovingly...

Thank you dearest Berit and

Thank you dearest Berit and Jim(i)!

I hope you both had a wonderful Christmas, and I wish you love joy peace and happiness throughout the coming year, and always!

Lots of love and hugs to you both, and to all of the other beautiful souls who make up this heavenly family!



...and like I've just said to Mike, please forgive me if I've missed replying to any comments.
I'm trying to catch up with everything, but there's so much to go through, that it's possible that I might have missed something along the way!

Dearest Angel, Thank you all

Dearest Angel,

Thank you all for being part of me, you have been so wonderful and I'm delighted to be here with you sharing love and recieving love. May the season continue to remind us that love is all we are, all we can be and all we will always remain being.

From me have a thrilling christmas and a successful 2008.

with gratitude and blessing.


Beloved Mary, I wish we

Beloved Mary, I wish we could all answer everyone. I think the best we can do is to answer in our hearts. I am so happy that so many great people post, and so many do respond. As this forum continues to grow, we will really know, as much as we would like to, we can't respond to everyone. I don't think anyone expects us to either.

I have noticed that posts under the Heavenletters themselves do not always show on the list on the community page. Many of these posts are from people who may be posting for the first time. Often it takes courage for someone to post for the first time. Maybe some of us regulars would check under the Heavenletters for these posts. They are very precious posts indeed.

Mary dear Maryjosephine, a

Mary dear Maryjosephine, a shining bright Light, that is how I perceive you in all of your postings, along with an abundant Love, deep Wisdom and wonderful Creativity!

Thank you for sharing yourself this way, for I'm sure it goes wide and far. Thank you also for your many wishes and blessings! It is hard to choose a favourite of your poems because they all touch me in some ways. Today, I found "The Divine Child Within", which is one of those 'keepers' for me.

May you be continued to be showered with Love and Blessings all through the new year and beyond...........


Beloved Xenia ~ Thank you

Beloved Xenia ~

Thank you so very much for your lovely comments.
It gives me great joy to be able to share the abundant Love that I feel,
with all of the beautiful Souls that come and go here.
'tis a wondrous place!

Much Love to you and your family Xenia ~ and to everyone who reads this note!