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Celebrate Newness

Hello everyone!

I have made a Heaven Letter e-card,
which was inspired by some of the words in today's HL.
You can find the url below




Mary, this is so wonderful.

Mary, this is so wonderful. Thank you so much.

How do we send this as an ecard? If you read the Godwriting blog you have read about my computer misadventures, and you know I need help!

I went to your most beautiful card. I pressed forward to a friend, sent it to myself, and received a Heavenletter -- also a very nice thing!.

Thank you for all you are doing for Heavenletters. Such love.

Oh dearest Gloria ~ you made

Oh dearest Gloria ~ you made me laugh when I read this! :)

There are several ways to send it really,
but the easiest way, is to just click on the link that I 'borrowed' from your site, to forward it to a friend, like you would do on any HL page. (Hmmm ~ I'd better go and check the link when I've finished here to make sure it's working ok on my site)

The other way, is to click on the little gold 'click to mail' icon that flashes half way down the page. That should open up your own email programme, and then you just copy and paste the url of the page into the body of the email along with your own personal message.

Another way, is to click in the tool box at the top of the page, where it actually says 'page' and click on the little arrow on its right hand side. That will open up a drop down box, and then you click on 'Send link by e-mail' and voila! 'tis done!

Let me know how you get on, and if all else fails (having read the blog!) I can put the link in an email at this end and send it to you, then you just need to forward it with your own message in it!

Actually, that's all you have to do anyway Gloria ~ ie copy and paste the url of the page as a link into an ordinary email, and send it that way! ;)

I know you can do that dearest angel! ;)

Hugs and smiles



Hi Gloria! I checked out the

Hi Gloria!

I checked out the link that I took off your site (to fwd to friends) but it doesn't send the ecard, like I thought it would, it sends the original Heaven Letter page, but I checked out my link (the gold icon half way down the page) and that works just fine, so does doing it from the top of the page too. I shall have to take off the link that I borrowed from your site, Santhan has obviously got it set up that way for a good reason!



It's all fixed and

It's all fixed and re-uploaded Gloria!



Dear Mary, sorry to say that

Dear Mary, sorry to say that icon didn't work for me either, dear one. Have patience! It took me to an email but not an e-card to send.


Yes, that's right, it does

Yes, that's right, it does take you to an email Gloria ~
It takes you to an email window that opens up in your email programme,
then you just copy the url of the page or card that you want to send,
and paste it into the body of the email window, together with your own message!

Try again!

If you still don't get it, then try clicking on the little 'page' icon in the tool box on your puter screen (top right hand side)
Click the arrow on the right hand side of it to give you a drop down box, and then click on 'Send page by email'

Love Mary


Mary I suggest you start

Mary I suggest you start praying at about this point. Pray Mary Pray. :big

Oh Santhan ~ how funny! I

Oh Santhan ~ how funny!
I just burst our laughing at your comment ~ will that do instead!?!

Lots of Love and hugs to you both ~ dearest Santhan and Gloria!
What fun!!!



Dearest Mary and Heaven

Dearest Mary and Heaven Admin,

I did as you suggested, entered the URL, and I sent the email to myself.

Is it true that the card does not arrive but just the URL?

I was expecting the card itself!

Senor and Senora, is it possible that prayer does not always fully work under all conditions?!!!
:) :) :) :) :)

Yeahhh!!! I think she's got


I think she's got it Santhan! :)

Yes Beloved Gloria ~ you receive the url to the card and/or page that you wish to view/share,
then the recipient (after having read the message that you sent with it) clicks on the url to view the card!

Well done Gloria

I have been working on some more, which I am hoping to upload later this evening!

Love and hugs



PS You can also actually send the page too via email, but I think we'll go into that at a later date!