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Looking into Your eyes of Love

Today, after lifetimes in which I longed for You, I looked into Your eyes and I saw You.
I saw You for real.
I saw Truth, I saw sweetness and gentleness beyond words.
I saw LOVE, a Love so sweet and warm that my very being dissolves into You,
a Love so blissful that everything else ceases to be.
The world ceases to be.
Everything becomes still, the blissful stillness of Love Divine that pulses throughout
the universe and throughout my very body with every heartbeat of Yours.
We are One Love and now it is not any longer just an idea, a concept,
it is a knowledge of which even the tiniest cells of my body are fully aware.
A river of love has pervaded my body, heart and soul and I rest in perfect peace,
a peace beyond all understanding.
Thank You my Love.

Loving you always.


One look is All it took. JJJ


Berit...Berit...Berit...oh, I can't stop crying, Berit....blessed One.

Emilia, you are so sweet and

Emilia, you are so sweet and I love you so much !!! aren't you travelling by milan in the christmas holidays ? I'll will love to hug you for real and join in for good pizza or whatever!!
Loving you always !!!

I will be in Milan the first

I will be in Milan the first days of next February and I will rush to meet you and have dinner together. I can't wait ( in fact maybe I will come before! ).
Loving you.

Maybe I come to...

I am travelling to Eastern Switzerland (near St Gallen) in March. Maybe I come early and see you both in Milano? Jim I think Milano is about 5 hr south by car.

Wonderful Jim!

Wonderful Jim!