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Happiness and Awakening

If we still think things or people have to change before we can be happy, we are still trapped in the dream. When we dare to be happy now, inspite of what we think or feel, we awaken...and we are then fabuliciously happy! Jim(i)

I absolutely dare to be

I absolutely dare to be happy now.

Loving you always.

Yes Berit...

Yes...One may think of the current moment as a choice point. In this case...a point or moment in the conventional stream of time. One moment, one point...where and when we dare to be different...Where we act from the precious Presence of our being...and afirm our birthright to be innocent, free and happy...regardless (and this is the key!) regardless of what we think and feel. This is really so, so sweet...and really quite rare. When we do this...look out world! Everthing shifts! Much love always for you Berit. For you are are both the tender intimacy and the vastness of love! Love you, Jim.