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spiritual education

I would like to share a communication email from myself to my executive director. I wanted to "lift him up" by sharing a few moments out of my days, that he would not normally be aware of. It is not an easy task, running a Developmental Services Agency.

Hi Norm,
I had to share this conversation with you, not for the purpose of tooting my horn, but because I struggled initially, after my foot injury. I wondered if I was fulfilling a purpose in life when I really began to sink my teeth into the Property Management position that you offered, as I could not go back to working directly with those persons that are supported by our agency. Would I still be able to make a difference in those lives, as I had prior to the accident.

I had a conversation today with the co-owner of one of the snow removal/construction companies we use. She was telling me out of all the agencies they deal with, ours is the only one she has found who truly puts the "client" first. I look for their best interest, while negotiating the best and most fair financial agreements. My number one concern is the relationship and respect the contractors have with those living in our homes. She told me we always make sure our people are treated with respect and it is obvious they are number one.

Apparently many Property Managers in the world are more concerned with the cheapest, quickest job, and lack integrity.

I felt great after this conversation (as most would), but then I realized that everyone I deal with on a daily basis, is given an education in the world of Developmental Services. How important it is that we learn to speak the language of those with a challenge, so that we can best support their needs.

I have developed a mutually respectful relationship with the Commercial Sales Manager of a Home Improvement store. This man has integrity (one of my favourite words). I was in the store last week, making a purchase for one of our homes. They are in need of a new refrigerator. I was given a very good deal. I called the manager of that location to inquire what side of the refrigerator she wanted the door handle placed. Between the two of us, we made the decision that it should be on the right side, completely illogical to the layout of the kitchen.

When the manager asked the reasoning behind this decision, I explained that the ladies supported in this home are in wheelchairs. If the door opens the opposite way, they will not be able to enter the kitchen to make a choice for a meal. This way, the door swings so that they can view the contents and indicate their preference.
He was amazed that we would take the time to consider this. What an education for him.

As a result, a washer break down (in a different home) that was going to take weeks to repair (as the parts were back ordered) lead to the store changing the washer for a new one. This home has an enormous amount of laundry on a daily basis. The manager knew this. He went to bat for us, because as he said, "How could I not do this for you? These fellows can't be without a washer."

Long story short, I believe I am continuing my purpose.

Sorry for the long winded email. I just wanted you to know a small part of a day at our agency, that you most likely wouldn't be aware of.


And then here was the executive director's response:

Lynda, I suspected that in addition to other skills, you would also bring integrity to your position. It is clear that others see this in you. I take great pride in knowing that our values as an organization and what we stand for is evident to others. I think if each of us paused from time to time and examined the implications of our work to the people we support, we would not only find purpose but humility --- our efforts have consequences to people's lives and that is a humbling responsibility. It is clear you understand this.

Thank you.


So, not only are others reaping the benefits of my experience, but by sharing a glimmer of light from my day, to another person, has brought the experience full circle. I was blessed with a beautiful response.

I began with a story, and then it occurred to me that what I was really doing in my work, was to be a spiritual teacher for many. I am teaching people how to move through their day with integrity and sincerity. This was happening without my really being consciously aware of what it was I was doing.

Lynda, this is a beautiful

Lynda, this is a beautiful story. Like so many of us, you wanted to fulfill your purpose on Earth, and you thought you weren't, and then you happily discovered you were.

Because of an accident, you were unable to continue working directly with the challenged people you had been working with. And now you find out that because of your attitude, your perception, and your caring that you are fulfilling your purpose on Earth.

Most of us don't get much recognition, and, here you are getting appreciation right and left, and, furthermore, you brightened up your supervisor's perception of your work and his work, to say nothing of the business people you deal with. It seems to me that you are bringing out the best in everyone you deal with. This is a great gift you give.

Lynda, was it you -- I think it was -- who once had a fellow worker that was quite difficult. Instead of dealing with this difficult person as most of us would, you thought about it and felt compassion for her instead of resentment. You picked up a gift for her and bravely went over to her house. Her whole demeanor changed, and you made a friend for life. Am I right this was you?

It seems to me that in every situation, you are coming from the highest.

God bless you.

With love,


Hello Gloria, I did (and

Hello Gloria,
I did (and still do) have a co-worker who can be very difficult and I used to become quite irritated.
Then I heard some of her personal stories and I realized what I need to do is just let it go, and things will work out for the best.
It wasn't me who went to her house though. You may be thinking of someone else.

I know, there are so many human angels out there, it is hard to keep track ;))

Gloria, the best part in all of this, is that I seemed to be oblivious to the ripple effect that was happening. And then I received a very clear message (I believe from God) to send the email to my supervisor. As I was typing, the first paragraph, that is when it hit me. How I have been in so many situations recently, where the opportunity to educate has presented itself.

I cannot take all of the credit though. The manager at the store is already in a place where he wants to help all he can, and is open to learn. The co-owner of the construction company, at one point last year was asking me to give them another chance, because one of the crew really messed up a situation, and I was considering looking elsewhere. I gave them another chance, and they have been fabulous.

For the most part, I seem to be attracting contractors who are already in that space where they just want to help. For some that aren't, and ask the question of me, how can they convince me to give them more business? I ask them to get comfortable with the work my agency does. I ask them to look into the eyes of the people supported in our homes. And try and make a connection, rather than running to the door.

I also think the world is changing. People's attitudes are changing. And that is such a good thing.

In love & light,